Tuesday, October 2, 2007

My Dreams...

Everyone has them, right? Some people probably have three or four or ninety. I'm not talking about sleeping dreams. I'm talking about life dreams.

Me? I have a few.

I dream of staying home to write full-time. Right now, that's not possible for me. I need my part-time job and the consistent paycheck that comes with it. But over the past couple years, I've taken some steps that are getting me closer to that dream. I've landed a couple of regular monthly writing jobs. I've had several more things published. I've entered a few contests. I've won a few contests. But, most of all, I've continued to learn my craft and hone my skills.

I dream of finishing my novel. Okay...that one is completely within reach, IF I deal with the procrastination, distractions, excuses, and reality TV I allow to get in the way. Once those things are put in their place, I have a feeling I'll be typing "The End" more quickly than I realize.

I dream of seeing my book on the Best Seller list. Then again, maybe I should save this dream until after achieving the dream of finishing my novel.

I dream of being a 5'8, 120 pound, willowy blonde. Yeah, I know. Give it up, already!

My #1 dream is to glorify God with my writing. And that dream is continuous. I can't just reach it and be done, as I can with staying home to write or finishing my novel.

The truth is, people have told me how my stories or articles touched them or changed them or at least made them stop and think. And I believe that is honoring to God. But I never want that to stop. My dream is to continue glorifying and honoring God with my writing until the day I die - even after I die.

Which is the wonderful thing about writing. The written word, like our verbal words, have so much power! The words go on so much longer than we do. And the effect those words may have on millions of potential souls is eternal.

To honor and glorify God with my writing.

Is there any dream greater than that?


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