Monday, November 19, 2007

Order a copy of Struggle Creek!

Just a heads up...

I will be placing an order for Struggle Creek books on Wednesday (the 21st). If you would like a copy, please let me know. For an autographed copy, shipped to you, cost is $15. For an unautographed copy, shipped to you, the cost is $13 (it's less because I can have it shipped directly to you from the warehouse instead of making a pit stop at my house for a signature. :-)

Payment can be made by either popping a check in the mail (contact me for address) or I do accept PayPal, if you have an account (again, contact me for my PayPal email address).

I have several orders already - thanks to those who have contacted me! Your books will soon be the way - in plenty of time for Christmas!

If you're reading this notice AFTER November 21st, no problem! Struggle Creek is available through, and if my sources are correct, will soon even be available on!

Peace and love,

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