Sunday, September 7, 2008

8 Random Facts

OK, this post really has nothing to do with writing at all. But I am a total sucker for fun games and I know how much you all love learning more about me (that is said with sarcasm, people! I really am not an egomaniac) so I decided to transfer my post from to my writing blog. Maybe this will confirm that writers are real people too!

And you are invited to play along! Either post your 8 random facts here in the comments (I LOVE comments!) or post them in your own blog - but be sure to leave a link here so we can read them!

Here are my VERY interesting and compelling random facts:

1. I would rather go through another root canal than work outside in the yard (all those bugs...shudder)

2. My first real job was at KFC and I got fired because I didn't do the dishes fast enough - it's true!

3. I also worked for a gas station, where I pumped gas and checked oil! I don't mind getting my hands dirty as long as it's not in my yard (see #1)

4. I once had my picture taken with Mr. T. And I didn't even go blind from the flash reflecting off all that bling.

5. I could live on ice cream. In fact, I have been known to down almost a half gallon in a single sitting. Particularly, vanilla with Hersheys syrup and milk

6. My step-dad sees dead people. He really does! He was previously a medical examiner and now works for a funeral home.

7. In high school I played Mary Warren in, "The Crucible."

8. One of my first writing pieces ever published was a greeting card by Blue Mountain Arts in 1994 and it's still being printed and sold in Hallmark stores around the country (I am VERY sorry I didn't demand royalties on that one)

So there you go. 8 things you probably didn't know about me but now you do! Aren't you the lucky one! If you'd like to know more, let me know. I'd be happy to pass along a longer list.

Now go on and blog 8 random things about yourself. I'm not buying that, "Oh...I don't like to talk about myself" stuff. Phooey - you know you LOVE talking about yourself. And I really do want to know! So go ahead and have some fun with it.

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