Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I have a Personal Trainer!

I've always been convinced that if only I had a personal trainer, I'd be skinny. I mean, look at The Biggest Loser. Jillian and Bob have A LOT to do with the success of each contestant. Motivation...encouragement...hefty kicks in the pants and in-your-face screaming (although I could do without the swearing), work wonders. Oh yeah...their knowledge about health and nutrition come in handy, too.

But, sigh...I've never had enough money to hire a personal trainer of my own. Rather, I could never justify spending my money on a trainer. And that is the reason I have maintained my not-size-6 figure. It has nothing to do with ice cream.

But...I am thrilled to say I now HAVE a personal trainer and it doesn't cost me anything! Well, except for some hugs and occasional back scratching.

My daughter, Lyndsey, has volunteered to be my personal trainer. She's pretty into it, too, going so far as to print out a schedule of my weekly workouts: Abs and Pilates on Mondays, Exercise ball and legs on Tuesdays, Dance and weights on Wednesdays...you get the picture.

Oh...did I mention that my daughter is only 11 years old?

At first, I'll admit, I was hesitant to take her up on her offer. Other than the fact that I wanted to humor her, I wondered what an 11-year-old could possibly offer in the way of exercise? It's not like she's ever battled the bulge. The girl weighs maybe 85 pounds, just out of the pool.

He...he...he...After the first workout, I wondered no more.

Can anyone say "sore?" Because that's what I was the next day.

So what does this have to do with writing? I'm glad you asked.

I have a confession. Well, one that I'm willing to tell you, anyway.

I used to think I needed a mentor to help me in my writing. At least someone who has a couple novels under her girdle, or has at least placed in a few contests. Someone who has been published somewhere - anywhere - so I knew she had talent. I mean, what could I learn from an unpublished or, worse, beginning writer? Especially when I am this close to "making it big."


I have since learned to put a leash on my pride. I was a beginning writer once, too, and I had plenty to offer back then. Yes, God has shown me that many novice writers have a lot to contribute. Like plot suggestions. Like character insight. Like grammar know-how. And maybe, just maybe, I should consider the fact that these baby writers were put in my path so I could offer them a few tips.

Yes, I am learning that it's not all about me.

So, the moral of this blog is to not discount those you think have nothing to offer. Take advice, feedback, and motivation where you can get it. This doesn't mean to stop seeking help from those who know more than you do (there will always be someone!) but you don't always need help from a pro to get good results.

I'm hanging onto that truth as I workout with my trainer today.

Who needs Jillian anyway?


Tracy said...

I love this post, Miss Lynda! What a great encouraging word you've offered us. Blessings!

Dara said...

Thanks for the encouraging post!

Oh and have fun working out---I must admit I'm lazy and the thought of exercise is not appealing to me, so I haven't been....it'll probably catch up to me someday.

jenness said...

Hey, Lynda, when you're in a size six, send your daughter my way. :-) Have a great week, and tell Madi I said hi.

The Surrendered Scribe said...

I am positive your trainer is much better than Jillian! Sounds like she is doing a great job.

What a great post.

AudreyO said...

Wow Lynda, that's awesome that your daughter can do this for you.