Friday, December 26, 2008

All I Got for Christmas

So a few days ago, I posted my blog, "All I Want for Christmas." Now that Christmas is over, I'll tell you all I GOT for Christmas (because I'm sure you're dying to know!)

1. A Salad Spinner. Remember how I mentioned this as one of the practical things that was on my wish list? Well, I got it! No more soggy lettuce for me - now I can spin that water right out of those leaves for a nice, crisp salad. This is just what I need to start off my Weight Watchers diet on January 5. The real gift is no more Writer's Butt in 2009!

2. A Coffee Grinder. My old one is a hundred years old and the blades are pretty dull. It was time for a new coffee grinder and Santa delivered! This gift is absolutely perfect for all that caffeine I'll be consuming in the wee morning hours as I create the next great American novel!

3. A Gift Card to JC Penney. Yippee! My favorite clothing store. I will be spending this gift on new work-out clothes (see #1).

4. Japanese Cherry Blossom shower gel and lotion from Bath & Body Works. This stuff rocks! And it also stays with you for at least a couple of days which will benefit my family greatly, especially if I'm on a roll and don't feel like interrupting my writing to shower.

5. A Massage Gift Certificate! I can now look forward to either four 1/2 hour massages or two one-hour massages. My aching back and neck are already screaming with delight! Six to seven hours a day at the computer will do that.

And my very favorite Christmas gift this year...

6. A Reminder. I received a much needed reminder of just how awesome my family is. And that no matter how much "stuff" they give me, it doesn't hold a candle to the love they offer me every day.

Yep, it's confirmed. I'm truly blessed.


Josh said...

Very cool stuff! I'm glad that your Christmas was awesome.

I got me a bunch of neat stuff for my new apartment. Stuff for my bathroom and bedrooms. But my favorite item is an electric can opener! Yay! No more opening by hand for me! :)

Dara said...

I love Japanese Cherry Blossom--it's all I ever wear. I've had it ever since it first came out--and I have soooo much of it (body spray, perfume, body cream, shower gel, two bottles of lotion, handsoap for the bathroom...). It's the best.

I also really like Moonlight Path from Bath and Body Works too--that was my old favorite until Japanese Cherry Blossom came out :)

I got some cool stuff too--one of them being the game Animal Crossing for the Wii. I spent five hours on Christmas playing it o_O It's geared towards kids under 12 but it's so much fun!

I also got a bunch of stuff from Vera Bradley--a computer case, a portfolio and a small bag :)

But the best present of all was seeing my family :)