Sunday, January 18, 2009

Finally Understood!

I'm so misunderstood.

Not to whine, but sometimes I just wish my family was just a tad more understanding of my "writer mentality" (emphasis on the mental). If only they wouldn't sigh when I talk back to the characters in my head. Or get that glazed look in their eyes when I express excitement over a new idea for a plotline. Or change the subject as soon as I say the words, "POV", "Head-hopping", "word count" or "synopsis." Or roll their eyes when I dive for the computer as soon as we walk in the door.

If only.

But, while it would be nice for my family to "get" me, I'm not holding my breath. I AM a writer, after all. And everyone knows writers are a completely different breed.

The good news is I AM NOT ALONE! Not only do I have the wonderful world of Internet where I can connect with other people just like me (what did writers ever do without it?), but I have recently made friends with several writers who live near enough to me that we can actually get together face-to-face to talk writerese.

I had one such meeting yesterday with seven women and one almost-woman (she is 16). What an awesome time we had! There is nothing like being in the company of others who understand that when you say proposal, you're not talking about marriage. And that the markets you mention aren't of the food variety. And that submission doesn't have one thing to do with a husband and a wife.

I realized yesterday that I didn't only enjoy the three hours we spent together, I needed this interaction with other writers. I left refreshed, encouraged and excited about this call to write that God has placed on me.

Most of all, when I left our meeting, I felt UNDERSTOOD.

The decision was made to schedule regular writers' meetings. And this decision is not entirely selfish. I figure the more often we meet, the less pressure I'll put on my husband and kids to pretend that they're happy to listen to me babble on about my latest story idea. Or have to bear with me complaining that I didn't meet my word count goal for the day.

So I just want to take a moment and say thank you to Mid, Cari, Sandy, Micha, Karlene, Melinda, Kelly, and Patty (not pictured - she's behind the camera) for understanding me. And for those of you writers who are feeling misunderstood, there really is hope. I highly encourage you to scope out other writers in your area and make plans to meet.

You'll be glad you did.


Teresa Morrow said...


It is great when you can find a group of others who "get you" as a writer. I recently joined a local writers group of the state writer's association.
I attended my first meeting last week and it was inviting to be a part of a group of writers from different levels of their writing. Some are published and some are in the midst of writing their first piece and others like myself have only just begun their writing journey.

I hope we will be able to connect online more often.

Nice post!

In gratitude,

Teresa Morrow

Dara said...

Oh if I only I lived closer...

I have a critique group I meet with, but every other person in the group is a fantasy writer, not to mention some of them tend to be a bit course in language...

Still, it's better than what I had before which was nothing, so I shouldn't complain!

Patty Wysong said...

LoL, Lynda--I understand! That's so great that you got to meet IN PERSON!! I'm dying for August!

conarnold said...

That's wonderful to be able to get together with other writer's in this way, Lynda! The internet is a great way of connecting, but to be together in person is really special.

Jenni Saake said...

Yippie for your group of understanding! {hug} Our group hasn't been able to meet for the better part of a year now and we are working on trying to get back on track in February. Can't wait!!!

Jenni Saake