Monday, January 12, 2009

T.M.I. about Me...

I'm in the mood to do something fun today so I am forgetting that this is a "Writing blog" and pretending it's a personal blog. Hope you don't mind. If you do, too bad. It's my blog and I'll do what I want with it. ;-)

So I got "tagged" on Facebook by my friend, Cheri Hardaway, to play a fun and rather insightful game that I thought many of you would also enjoy. Once you've read this post, you are obligated (yes, obligated - it's my blog, I can make any rules I want, remember?) to post your own random facts, either in the comments here or on your own blog. But if you choose to create your own blog post, you are obligated (yes, obligated!) to leave me a link so I can check it out. It's always fun learning more about our friends! For those of you who don't know me, hopefully this will give you a glimpse into who I am.

1. Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 28 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you.
2. At the end, choose people you want to be tagged.
3. You have to tag the person who tagged you.
4. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.


1. I am 40 but I only look 28.
2. I share a birthday with Sugar Ray Leonard.
3. My parents divorced when I was 12.
4. I was VERY naughty as a teenager - I won't expand on that and for those who know me today and can't believe it, just ask my mom.
5. My first job was working at KFC and I got fired for not doing the dishes fast enough (it's true!)
6. Other jobs I've had include pumping gas, hostessing, elderly home care, receptionist, and factory work - and I was never fired again!
7. I had braces twice and I need them again (wear that retainer, people!)
8. I was born-again sixteen years ago and was baptized five years later.
9. I met my husband at 7-11.
10. My husband and I celebrated our 20th anniversary last August.
11. I used to smoke a pack+ of cigarettes a day.
12. I quit smoking 13 years ago.
13. My favorite food is ice cream.
14. Ice cream and quitting smoking caused me to gain 40 pounds.
15. I started Weight Watchers last week.
16. I once had my picture taken with Mr. T and didn't go blind from looking directly at all that bling.
17. The first story I remember writing was called, "The Summer I went to Honolulu."
18. I've never been to Honolulu.
19. re-jumpstarted my writing career.
20. I quit my part-time job in January of 2008 to work from home as a freelance writer.
21. The first several pages of my first novel has finalled in three separate contests.
22. As far as I know, even thought my maiden name is Vermeer, I am not related to the famous painter, although I like to tell people I am.
23. I know lying is wrong.
24. On that note, I'll come clean and admit I am addicted to coffee, reality television, and the Internet.
25. My biggest fear in the world is spiders.
26. I hate gardening.
27. My oldest child just turned fifteen. I had him when I was 13 (see number 1)
28. I am humbled every day by what God has done for me!


Lynda S. said...

Seriously, namesake, you want all 28 of them here on your blog?

Well if you insist—I need a break anyway. Here goes:

1. I am 59, but my doctor says my skin isn't that old.
2. I am now using a spot remover on my hands so that they live up to my face.
3. I am a Canadian from north-western Ontario.
4. I have lived in Caracas, Venezuela for the last 15 years.
5. I love cats and have two of my own.
6. I accepted Christ at the age of 11.
7. I was the youngest seminary student in my school at the tender age of 17.
8. I have one big brother who lives in Toronto.
9. I hate reality tv (sorry about that, Lynda), but love murder, mayhem, and mass destruction in its fictionalized form.
10. I have written since I was thirteen, and my first pages haven't won anything (hahaha!)
11. I joined Faithwriters so that I could escape from my reality.
12. My first job was in the old Metropolitan stores—they had wooden floors in those days, and they creaked.
13. I was 15 when I took that first job (it's illegal but I had influence in management!)
14. I worked for 11 cents an hour at a Christian resort (shame on them!) for a summer.
15. I don't drive and don't want to.
16. I once was in jail in Colombia.
17. I've visited Pakistan and Japan.
18. I'm happily single.
19. I love junk food so try not to keep it in the house.
20. I like to garden though I am not always successful at it.
21. I make a mean pumpkin pie (among other things).
22. I am currently reading "Pleasing God" by R.C. Sproul and "The Bear and the Dragon" by Tom Clancy (don't ask what the relation is).
23. I was the first female valedictorian in my seminary's history.
24. I love chocolate and coffee in any form.
25. My greatest desire is to know the Lord as intimately as I can, and reflect Him as best I can.
26. I love the Bible and want to squeeze all the "juice" out of it that is possible.
27. I am about to publist (Lord willing) my first book in Spanish.
28. I am also addicted to the Internet.

So there you are.

Dara said...

Here's a link to mine on my blog:

I have too much fun taking these.

Dara said...

Ok obviously it's been a long day and I forgot to put MY link in here:

Yvonne said...

Lynda, this is fun! I changed the "rules" on my blog, too ...but it's my blog (smile).

Here's my list of silly facts about me: