Monday, March 23, 2009

"ENTER." (Gulp)

Well, I did it. I hit "ENTER" and submitted two entries to the ACFW Genesis contest. The deadline isn't until the 31st but I wanted to submit a hair early (as Camy encourages us to) just in case there's a problem with the submission. I'd hate to be disqualified because I waited until the last second. Just another reason my analness about always being early is a good thing.

However, after I submitted my first entry, which was edited and proofed by no less than five people, I noticed an error. An ERROR! As in, a tense error. I switched the manuscript from past to present tense and I missed a word. UGH! There is nothing more frustrating for me than realizing I made a mistake (a dumb one at that) AFTER I submit. The perfectionist in me is definitely not a happy camper.

But what can I do?

Not much. Except pray that all three judges miss that little word or at least overlook my little mistake.

As for my stories, I really do love them both (of course I do-I'm the author). I just hope and pray the judges love them just as much. The scary thing is that the categories I entered this year typically have a ton more entries than the one I finaled in last year. More competition, which equals less chance of making it through. But you never know.

I'm a little nervous about the possibility of finaling because neither book is near finished. My goal is to at least have a rough draft of both by the ACFW conference this September. And that goal is whether I place or not. IF I make it to the conference, I'd love the opportunity to pitch both books - which are completely different and will appeal to different readers (and publishing houses).

Even if I don't final with either of my two submissions, I welcome the feedback I'll receive which will only help make my stories better.

In rereading this post, I realize how much I've been rambling. Forgive me if you're having a tough time following along. Just know that I know what I'm talking about.

Finalists will be announced around May 1st.

So now the nail biting begins.


Joanne Sher said...

Good for you, dear Lynda! You're the second "galfriend" I know of who's entered in the past couple days (Peej got in yesterday). I'm rooting for ALL of ya!!

(do you know if there's anything similar I could enter my nonfiction in?)

Nicole O'Dell said...

Oh man, I know what you mean about finding an error after submitting something. It's so frustrating.

Congratulaitons on your entries!

Cindy said...

Congratulations on your entries! I'll pray for the best of success on your books!

sherrinda said...

That's awesome! I hope you will share about the feedback you get. I've never entered anything before and would love to know what kind of things the judges offer in the way of encouragement and critique.

God Blessings on your offerings!

kaye dacus said...

Don't stress out over one little error. With the number of errors I see all the time in manuscripts that are being prepared for publication by a publishing house, if all you have is one error per fifteen pages, you're in better shape that lots of authors! (But those are the ones that help me make a living, so I'm actually happier when they have more errors!)

Congrats. :-)