Monday, June 22, 2009

Decisions, Decisions...

So I posted last week that I am now the official Grand Rapids Christian Fiction Examiner. And so far, I'm loving it! Although, I have only heard from one of you so far (thanks Nicole!) about your interest and willingness to be featured on this site. Hey, exposure is a good thing! Unless it's indecent, of course.

Anyway, I have posted a few articles on my page since I started, but yesterday I was browsing the Examiner positions still available under "Grand Rapids". I don't know if I missed it the first time or if it was just added, but I saw "Grand Rapids Writing Examiner."


I got to thinking and wondered if I should also apply for that one. Not only do I love to write, but I love writing about writing. And I do have experience in all kinds of different writing arenas, such as greeting cards, articles, web content, freelancing, short stories, and full-length manuscripts. So I'm sure I could come up with plenty of material.

I sent an email to my channel manager and she said that in order to be considered for an additional topic, I needed to post 4 times per week for 60 days. Hey, I can understand that, but if I wait that long, the Writing Examiner will likely be snatched up by then. She did suggest that if I am more passionate about writing, I could always change my title.

Double Hmmm.

So now I'm torn. I love Christian fiction and have been truly enjoying coming up with the material so far. But I also love writing and think I'd have a lot to add there, too. What to do? What to do?

I did ask the channel manager if it would be possible to change my title to something like Grand Rapids Christian Reader and Writer Examiner so I can include both types of articles in my content. I haven't heard back yet but am thinking they'll probably decide the two topics need to be kept separate.

So...that brings me back to: what to do?

If you know me at all, you know that making decisions does NOT come easy to me. Choosing between two gifts to buy for my mom's birthday is torture, for pete's sake. A decision like THIS? Well, let's just say I could really use some help.

If you have any thoughts, opinions, advice, or a word from the Lord, feel free to pass it on.

Hopefully, the answer will become clear by later today so I can move forward with focus.


Karlene Jacobsen said...

That's a tough one Lynda. My hope is they respond with the approval that you use both. I love your reviews and also your articles on writing. Doesn't help I know. Sorry.

An acquaintance encouraged my church and me to let peace be our umpire. Wait for that peace, God won't be late with the answer.

Nicole O'Dell said...

Hmm. That's a real tough one. I mean, you do offer both subject plenty of coverage on your blog, so I'm not even sure which one you're most passionate about.

Let's see, 4 x week for 60 days = about 32'ish articles. What if you provide links from your blog to that many book reviews or articles of that type just to show that you have it in you?

Otherwise, if you decide to wait the 60 days and it's God's plan that you write under both titles, it will still be available.

Blessings and prayers for sound decisions.

Pat said...

Well Lynda, you have plenty of material to work with already so that's a plus for you and maybe, hopefully they will be the ones to come up with a title that would fit both categories for you. Especially since you have shown them you really want to do this.
But I feel your pain about making decisions. Oh my...