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Great Reads - Mom Lit and Hen/Lady Lit

Well, I got my Stiletto entry in. Yay!

I have to mention...A little birdie told me that this contest is hurting for entries so if you have a couple free days to polish up your manuscript (or even write the first 35 pages), PLEASE do! They need at least 10 entries per category for that category to stand alone. And as of two days ago, the only category with 10 entries was the Classic Lit. If they don't receive enough entries, they may have to cancel the whole contest. And that CAN'T happen. I'd be heartbroken. So, unless you want to feel the guilt for contributing to my broken heart, get that chick lit entry in before the 15th!


Today, I'm going to list some great reads in the Christian chick lit sub-genres, Mom Lit and Hen/Lady Lit. So grab your pen and write these down. Then head to your local Christian book store (gotta support those Christian bookstores) and pick up a couple for some fabulous summer reading! (I apologize for the weird formatting. Blogger is frustrating and a pain, especially when it comes to posting photos.)

MOM LIT - favorite lit of all, probably because I am a mom and can relate to the craziness and ridiculousness that these characters endure. I have, in fact, written a mom lit, which I am beginning to edit today! Someday, I hope my name makes the list of good mom-lit reads. Til then, this list will definitely suffice:

The Claire Series by Tracy Bateman. This is an excellent series about a divorced mom of 4 whose life consists of one speed bump after another. Join Claire as she deals with the challenges of single parenthood, including dealing with her ex-husband's new wife. This series is filled with laughs, struggles, and yes - romance! The series is made up of three books - "Leave it to Claire", "I Love Claire", and "Claire knows Best."

Chocolate Beach by Julie Carobini. While reading this book, I became an instant fan of Julie Carobini. This is a smart, witty story about a "beach chick" mom who is evaluating her life and her marriage. Things she's dealing with include insecurities about her marriage, her nosy mother-in-law, and her know-it-all best friend. If you're looking for a delicious story, set on the beach, pick up a copy of Chocolate Beach.

The Becky Miller Series by Sharon Hinck. Here's a blurb: Becky’s rich fantasy life helps her cope with the pressure to be a Wonderful Wife and Marvelous Mom. But she keeps hearing the tape play: “Your mission, should you choose to accept it: support your husband when he loses his job, nurture an eccentric circle of friends, raise perfect Christian children, live a life full of grand Purpose, all while standing on your head and whistling Dixie. Your fantasy will self-destruct in five seconds.” If you're a busy mother of small children, you will relate!

The Baby Chronicles by Judy Baer. This is the sequel to The Whitney Chronicles and follows Whitney Blake on her unpredictable journey to motherhood.

SAHM I Am by Meredith Efkin. I can't offer a personal opinion but this book is currently on my to-be-read pile. As a computer/email addict, and a SAHM (well, a WAHM), I can't wait to read this book, written exclusively in an e-mail loop format.

HEN/LADY LIT. If your kids are grown and have moved out of the house (or haven't, but should!), you'll relate to the lives of Hen/Lady Lit characters. I'm not quite at that point in my own life but have enjoyed several books in this genre. Here are a few of my favorites:

Reality Queen by Debbie DiGiovanni. This book is my favorite hen lit. A recent empty-nester, Stephy Daniels gets a job as a reality television production assistant and ends up in front of the camera instead of behind it. This story is smart with consistent and well-paced humor. If you love reality TV or are dealing with empty-nest-syndrome, this book is for you!

Bargain Hunters Series by Sharon Dunn. If you love a good mystery and a good sale, you'll adore Sharon Dunn's Bargain Hunters series. Death of a Garage Sale Newbie and Death of the Six Foot Teddy Bear are currently available. Death at a Discount is releasing this year.

  • The Wedding Caper and Gone with the Groom, by Janice Thompson. Here's another great cozy mystery series that follows amateur sleuth, Annie Peterson, as she sets out to solve a robbery case in The Wedding Caper and then searches for her missing future son-in-law in Gone with the Groom. Fun stories with several chuckles and a lot of heart.

  • The Bouncing Grandma by A.K. Arenz. Haven't read this one yet but it looks so good! Definitely putting this one on my to-be-read pile, too. Here's a blurb: When "bouncing grandma" Glory Harper sees a foot dangling out of the back of a rolled up carpet movers are carrying into her new neighbors' house, her imagination runs wild. The trouble is nobody believes her suspicions that a murder has been committed--especially the police, who know her all too well as the woman who caused a multi-car pileup while skateboarding with her grandson.

I hope you've enjoyed this week's Chick Lit topic. If you've never read the lits, I enourage you to pick up a couple and come back to post your thoughts. If you're already a fan, YAY! Keep buying those books to let publishers know that chick lit is still a very much loved genre! As I mentioned before, I believe it will always be around, no matter what label it's hidden behind.

Long live Chick Lit!

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Angie Vik said...

I enjoy these books, something lighthearted in approach but delivering a good message. I picked up the first Claire book at a grocery store discount table and loved it. Then got the next two books and loved them as well. I love Judy Baer's chick lit books. Her characters are quirky and perky and she makes them seem like real people. I also enjoyed Sharon Dunn and Janice Thompson's books. I'll check out your other suggestions. Thanks.