Friday, December 11, 2009

Writing Resources and Opportunties

Most of you know by now that in addition to the Grand Rapids Christian Fiction Examiner, I have recently been named the National Christian Writing Examiner.

I have a couple of features on my Christian Writing page that I think will be a benefit to you.

1. Journey to Publication. Interviews with now-published authors about their journey to publication. Each author has his or her own story and I hope that this encourages you in your own journey. So far, I have featured Maureen Lang, Leanna Ellis, Laurie Alice Eakes, Kassandra Elaine, and Carol Parsons. More interviews are to come and if you are a published author who would like to be included, let me know! I'd love to learn more about the path you took to publication and share it with other aspiring authors.

2. Featured Markets. Every few days, I post an article about a specific publication you may be interested in submitting to. I include a link to the writers guidelines so you can see exactly what and how to submit. Check out this link to view the markets already profiled.

As I am currently building content, I am looking for the following:

  • News and information - if you are a published author and have news about your latest novel, a book trailer you'd like to share, or other information, I'd love to post it on my Christian Fiction Examiner page.
  • Articles on writing - if you have written an article on any aspect of Christian writing, I'd love permission to post it on my National Christian Writing Examiner page.
  • Fiction Author Fun Facts - this feature has gotten lots of great response. If you're a published author who wouldn't mind answering 10 random and fun questions, let me know. Here is the link to previous Author Fun Facts (all 30 of them!).

A bio and links to your website or blog will be included, which is a great opportunity for exposure. Please contact me, if interested. I look forward to promoting you and your book(s)!

By the way, being an Examiner for is fun! If you have a passion, or are knowledgeable about a specific subject, consider applying for a position with Not only is this a wonderful platform, you can earn some nice cash, too! There are literally thousands of topics available on both the national and local level. If you'd like more details, visit this page: WRITE FOR EXAMINER.COM

Oh -and if you do sign up, I'd appreciate you using my name as the referrer. has an excellent referral program and I'd love the credit! Thanks!

In the meantime, check out the above links. I'd love your feedback on how I could improve my content or suggestions on specific articles you'd like to see.

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