Friday, January 22, 2010

Authors share their Journey to Publication

Over at, I am the National Christian Writing Examiner. Yes, you already know that. But I want to share a feature I started from the beginning and have come to love. I believe it will benefit you as a writer.

It's called Journey to Publication. Basically, published authors answer questions about their path to publication. I personally love hearing success stories of other authors. Really, there is no one better to learn from than someone who's been there. I mean, all authors were unpublished at one time, right? Reading about how they beat the odds (because, let's face it: it's tough to get published!) is a huge encouragement to me.

So I thought I'd provide links to each Journey to Publication article. I'll be posting more on - I try to post one a week, at least - so if you want to read those, you'll have to subscribe to my Christian Writing page so you receive notices when they're posted.

So here they are. As you'll see, it is a diverse list, with writers of different genres and styles, and each story is different. Hope they offer you encouragement, wisdom, and motivation.

MAUREEN LANG - Author of contemporary and historical women's fiction with strong romantic elements.

LEANNA ELLIS - Award winning author of Elvis Takes a Backseat and Ruby's Slippers.

LAURIE ALICE EAKES - Heartsong Presents author

KASSANDRA ELAINE - Multi-published tag-team author

CAROL PARSONS - Self-published science fiction author

LINDA FORD - Love Inspired author

DEB RANEY - Multi-published award winning contemporary author

AVA PENNINGTON - Devotional writer, non-fiction published in over 30 anthologies

LISA LICKEL - Contemporary fiction author

RICHARD MABRY - Medical thrillers

MARTHA ROGERS - Historical romance


PatriciaW said...

Great series, Lynda.

Karen Lange said...

Thank you for sharing these links and other info.

Happy weekend!