Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tom Petty was right...

I'm really identifying with Tom Petty right now. Waiting IS the hardest part. As a writer, I know you'll agree.

So I've had plenty of practice. Writing is one long waiting process. Emphasis on the looooonngg. Waiting for responses from editors, agents, contest results, even critique partners has often driven me crazy. Good thing I was nearly crazy to begin with and didn't have that far to go.

But, all careers have their things, right? Waiting is just a writing "thing."

So it's been one week since my agent submitted three queries for Mind over Madi to publishers. One week! I thought for sure I'd hear back by now with three requests for a full manuscript.

And I thought I'd lose fifteen pounds last week, too. So there you go.

Seriously, I am trying to busy myself with other things. Like writing the first three chapters of the sequel to Mind over Madi that will be included with the proposal/full ms requests that should have come in by now. Like focus on my freelance work. Like play a couple hundred games in a row of Bejeweled Blitz.

There's plenty to keep me busy while I wait.

So my question for you: How do you keep yourself sane during the waiting process?

Or do you?



Unknown said...

Sanity? What's that? Seriously, I sometimes wonder if it's humanly possible for a writer to be sane. :p

Jules said...

It's been five months since I sent my MS to the publisher; four months since I heard from them. I'd despair except that I know that with my first MS it took this long for them to decide to publish it.

To keep sane? Place it in the Lord's Hands and then forget about it. Go on with some other writing. Don't count the days or hours. I've discovered that editors are notoriously slow and when you least expect it you'll hear.

Blessings, Jules

Jan Cline said...

I really dont look forward to that part of this industry. Im having a hard enough time waiting to go to my first conference in May! I can imagine how much anxiety writers go through while waiting to hear news on their MS.

quietspirit said...

I have had to LEARN to wait. I sent a Christmas play to a publisher in an adjoining state. They kept it for nine months only to return it to me. I was disappointed by them keeping it three times longer than the information told me they would.
Since then, I put it all at the feet of Jesus.

Susan said...

Hi Lynda: As to how to keep sane during the waiting process, what I do is just keep on writing. And writing. And writing some more. And STAY AWAY from sugar, like brownies, or ice-cream, or pie. That would make me CRAZIER than usual. Of course, I try to focus on the Biblical message, "All good things come to those who wait." Sincerely, Susan from

Coleene VanTilburg said...

Yes, it is hard to wait for things. I have found in my life that God makes me wait because I am not ready or I have a few loose ends still to work on. In regards to writing, well, I can understand your anxiety. I am excited for you to take the next steps. Just keep writing these little informative blogs to all of us on the same path but not quiet as far...and we will push you along and be waiting with you.

Sherry said...

I just wanted to inform you that I find your blog so inspirational and informative that I'm passing on my Prolific Blogger award to you. I've posted a link to your blog on my site and instructions for you to pass on the love if you feel led. The cute little picture is missing because I didn't get the computer tech gene that my dad has. Anyway, thanks for your wealth of knowledge and expertise that you share with us. You rock!

Dara said...

I'm not there at that point yet, but I know it can sometimes take weeks or months before you hear back. That is not something that will come easy for me :P