Friday, April 9, 2010

Career we have a choice?

Did you know that this is "Explore Your Career Options" week? At least, it is according to THIS WEBSITE. So this got me thinking. We all have a choice as to what career or profession we decide to pursue. But as writers, do we really have a choice?

I know I felt the call to write at a very young age. The first "real" story I remember writing was when I was in 6th grade. It was called, "The Summer I went to Honolulu" and my teacher encouraged me to enter it in a local contest, which I never did, because I didn't finish it in time. I always wonder if I would have placed... but, I digress. I can't go back, so I'll never know.

At some point around that time, I decided I loved to write. I penned hundreds of poems (some dreadful, some not so bad!). Writing my feelings in my diary was very therapeutic for me, too, especially as I muddled through the junior high years and my parents' divorce. I couldn't get my thoughts out fast enough. My pencil became an extension of my hand. When I was writing, I was "me." There was nothing I was more comfortable doing, and nothing I'd rather do. If I wasn't writing, I was reading. But the two go hand in hand, don't they?

But, back then, writing was not something I ever considered making a career out of. Maybe because it didn't seem "doable" or maybe because I didn't know how to go about pursuing it. So I considered other options. Like becoming a hair dresser. Even signed up for cosmetology school, only to pull out at the last minute (my mom lost a few hundred dollars because of that decision - sorry, Mom!).

After working at various jobs over the years, I have to say I am glad I finally pulled my head out and went back to my first love. The job that isn't really a job because I adore it so much. The career I believe God placed inside of me from birth. If I had to choose a career other than writing, I'd say I would become a psychologist. The human psyche fascinates me and I love to explore our motivations, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Which really comes in handy when writing a novel!

So here's a Q4U: What would you be if you weren't a writer?


Mia said...

If I decided to pursue a career outside of writing, I'd probably start a jewelry business (almost did, but chickened out at the last minute). I love making something beautiful out of a handful of crystals and glass, wire and silver :) It's something fun and enjoyable, and something I'm good at. All good things ;)

Susan said...

If I were not a writer, I'd be the owner of my own used book shop, combining it with beautiful items for a house, like colored glass, exquisite china, tablesettings, etc. As a matter of fact, I really want that kind of shop......someday. Sincerely, Susan

Dara said...

Easy. An archeologist. :) Well, at least I'd attempt at being an archeologist; it's probably just as hard to find a job in that field than it is to get published.

Pam said...

Like you, I think I never thought a lot of my interests growing up could really be doable as a career either. Interests like drawing/painting, interior design, and yes psychology too. I loved child psych class but didn't really see what I could do with that other than be a psychologist. (I wasn't sure I wanted to go that far.) Counseling has always interested me too. But you are right -- writing incorporates a lot of those. Even painting -- because sometimes when I'm going over what I've written, finding just the right word seems a lot like filling in the details of an oil painting once you have the sketch down... :)

Lynda Schab said...

So true, Pam!

Working in a bookstore sounds like a dream, Susan.

Mia - love jewelry. Too fun! Wouldn't have the patience to make it, though.

Dara- no interest whatsoever in archeology. LoL