Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chasing the Storm

I love a good storm. In fact, the darker the clouds, the more excited I get. The feel of the wind picking up, the sound of rumbling thunder in the distance, the flashes of lightening in the sky... By the time the first rain drops appear, I'm ecstatic. The storm is not only brewing, it's striking!

Ok, so I do love a good thunder storm, but I'm not talking about a storm in the sky. I'm referring to the storm in my brain. As a writer, is there anything better than a major brainstorm? Other than a major paycheck, I don't think so. A good brainstorming session can be just what it takes to bring your novel to life. To add the necessary depth to a character. To form a brilliant plot. To come up with unexpected twists and turns to keep readers turning those pages.

Unfortunately, my brainstorming sessions don't show up as often as I'd like. Which is why I have decided to become a storm chaser. I realized that if I simply wait for the storm to show up, it may never come. So I have to go after it. I need to create my own brainstorm. Which isn't that easy. But it is extremely exciting.

Once in a while, I can experience a good brainstorm on my own (but actually, those are more like thunder showers). The most powerful storms happen when several creative brains are present. Here's the way I see it: The lightening bolts are my own flashes of brilliance. The thunder claps are my friends, offering their (sometimes loud) suggestions. The wind and rain are the Holy Spirit, either whispering to or pelting my heart on whether or not the ideas will work.

Unfortunately, the common people I love and live with don't share my enthusiasm for brainstorming, which is why it's important to seek out other writers to ride out the storm with me. I recently put out a call to other writers in my state, suggesting a meeting specifically focused on brainstorming. I got a few takers and I hope to set up a date very soon. (If you live in Michigan and are interested, let me know!). Because I am currently experiencing the calm (read: writer's block) before the storm, I am ready to begin my chase of a good brainstorming session.

It's my hope that after the storm, the rays of brilliance will shine through the pages of my novel.

So here's my Q4U: Do you have specific buddies to chase the storms with you? What is your brainstorming process?


Susan said...

Wish I lived in Michigan, Lynda. I'd be the first one to sign up for a brainstorming session with other writers! Sometimes it gets pretty lonely, doesn't it? Sincerely, Susan

Terri Tiffany said...

LOL MY husband did it with me last night as I am stuck for a good ending. He's been listening to my plot all along and so when he through out some possibilities, my storm took!! And am writing the ending today:)

Pam said...

I love your analogy, and I'd love to get together for a brainstorming session. I read writer Robin Hatcher's blog a lot and she has written about how wonderful her brainstorming times are with other faith-filled writers. I think she meets with them once a year at a retreat location. Let me know when you set something up!

Dara said...

Sometimes our critique group has brainstorming sessions. Not as often as I'd like though.

Christ is Write. said...

Great comparison! I would love to have a writing critique group, but unfortunately there aren't many other 16-year-olds in my small town that are trying to seriously pursue writing. Some of my friends do like to write, but it's more of a small hobby for them. Thanks for a great post!