Monday, July 12, 2010

Am I crazy or just insane?

Common sense aside, I have decided to start another blog. In the past couple weeks that I've been contemplating whether I really wanted to do this, I've labeled myself crazy, insane, nuts, erratic, idiotic, out of my mind, and...oh yeah... brilliant. Brilliant obviously won out because I decided to put another side dish on my already heaping plate.

No, I'm not giving up this blog, which I love, but am simply adding another one to the mix. Hopefully, I can keep up on it better than I do my family blog (The Schab Shananigans), which hasn't been updated in months.

Seriously, I hope my new blog will be as helpful as I've anticipated.

I'm calling it Great Christian Book Giveaways. Basically, I will post links to current giveaways of various genres of Christian books. This will save you time surfing the web. You'll just be able to pop over to my blog, browse the list, see if there are any books you're interested in possibly getting for free, and click on over to enter. Easy-peasy. And convenient, don't you think?

The first list of giveaways will be posted tomorrow. For now, check out my Welcome post. Be sure to follow me or subscribe so you're notified of the giveaways as they're posted.

I look forward to providing you with links to some awesome Christian book giveaways.


Joanne Sher said...

What a great idea, Lyn! Praying for this endeavor (and heading over to subscribe!)

Lynda S. said...

I like this plan!

Diane said...

Sounds great! There is another girl I follow that does a similar thing. Very helpful. :O)

Find her at

Anonymous said...

Oh, thanks for doing this, Lynda. It will be so helpful! On my way to subscribe now!