Monday, September 20, 2010

Announcing the 2010 ACFW Award Winners...

Well, last night was the ACFW Awards Banquet. I sat in on the live blogging event, which was hosted by Tyson Wynn of Wynn-Wynn Media, and the wonderful author and beautiful person, Ronie Kendig. I have to say I loved the whole blogging idea and it was the next best thing to actually being there. Plus, although I like getting dressed up from time to time, I was nice and comfy sitting in my recliner wearing my sweats and t-shirt.

Anyway, I know what you're wondering: Did you win?


And that says it all.

Of course I wanted to be the bride of my category, but if I didn't get to be the blushing bride, I was hoping at least for Matron of Honor. But this year (like last), I had to settle for Bridesmaid, which is still cool and everything, but, you know, it's just not the same.

But it's all good! This doesn't deter me at all from pressing on. And, cliche' as it sounds, it really was an honor to be nominated.

Hugs to my friends, Shelly Ledfors and Linda Yezak, who took their places as Genesis bridesmaids this year, too. AND a special hug to my AWESOME agent, Terry Burns, a 2010 Agent of the Year finalist! He is very much a winner in my book!

Now for the list of all the winners...


Contemporary Fiction
Runner up: Chris Kraft, Brandywine Reckoning
Winner: Lynnette P. Horner, The Assistant

Contemporary Romance
Runner up: Sarah Forgrave, Stilettos and Aprons
Winner: Janice LaQuiere, Truckload of Love

Historical Fiction
Runner up is: Lori Benton, The Quiet in the Land
Winner: Brenda Jackson, Principle Engagement

Historical Romance
Runner up: Ruth Trippy, Celia
Winner: Pam Hillman, Terms of Indenturement

Runner up: Barbara Early, Chaos at Camp
Winner: Rich Bullock, Storm Lake/Storm Song

Romantic Suspense
Runner up: Terri Weldon, A Cry in the Night
Winner: Valerie Goree, Weep in the Night

Speculative Fiction
Runner up: Suzanne Krein, Time Dancer
Winner: Andra Marquardt, Traitors

Women's Fiction
Runner up: Lisa Buffaloe, Nadia's Hope
Winner: Jennifer Fromke, Docking

Young Adult
Runner up: Kasey Heinly, Broken Glass
Winner: Stefanie Morris, Shyla, Desert Daughter/Shyla, Child of the Desert

2010 CAROL AWARD WINNERS (formerly Book of the Year)

Contemporary Novella
Susan May Warren - The Great Christmas Bowl (Tyndale House, Karen Watson - Editor)

Historical Novella
Janet Tronstad - Christmas Bells for Dry Creek (Steeple Hill, Tina James - Editor)

Short Contemporary
Mae Nunn - A Texas Ranger's Family (Steeple Hill, Melissa Endlich - Editor)

Short Contemporary Suspense
Jill Elizabeth Nelson - Evidence of Murder (Steeple Hill, Emily Rodmell - Editor)

Short Historical
Dan Walsh - The Unfinished Gift (Revell, Andrea Doering)

Young Adult
Jenny B. Jones - I'm So Sure (Thomas Nelson, Natalie Hanemann/Jamie Chavez - Editors)

Long Contemporary
Christina Berry - The Familiar Stranger (Moody Publishers, Paul Santhouse - Editor)

Long Contemporary Romance
Jenny B. Jones - Just Between You and Me (Thomas Nelson, Natalie Hanemann/Jamie Chavez - Editors)

A.K. Arenz - The Case of the Mystified M.D. (Sheaf House, Joan M. Shoup - Editor)

Terri Blackstock - Intervention (Zondervan, Sue Brower/Dave Lambert - Editors)

Long Historical
Allison Pittman - Stealing Home (Multnomah, Alice Crider - Editor)

Long Historical Romance
Mary Connealy - Cowboy Christmas (Barbour Publishing, Rebecca Germany - Editor)

Speculative (includes Science Fiction, Fantasy, Allegory)
Kirk Outerbridge - Eternity Falls (Marcher Lord Press, Jeff Gerke - Editor)

Women's Fiction
Cheryl McKay & Rene Gutteridge - Never the Bride (Waterbrook Press, Shannon Marchese - Editor)

Debut Author
Dan Walsh - The Unfinished Gift (Revell, Andrea Doering - Editor)


Susan May Warren


Sue Brower, Zondervan


Sandra Bishop, The MacGregor Literary



Joanne Sher said...

Congrats to ALL - and to you, dear Lynda, for moving on.

Diane said...

I saw your name mentioned as a finalist and am very proud of you for that. Keep moving, don't give up! :O)