Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Book Stops Here: Review of Don't Look Back by Lynette Eason

Twelve years ago, forensic anthropologist Jamie Cash survived a brutal kidnapping, torture, and rape. After years of therapy, she has made a life for herself—though one that is haunted by memories of her terrifying past.
She finally lets herself get close to a man, FBI agent Dakota Richards, when signs start appearing that point to one frightening fact—her attacker is back and ready to finish the job he started all those year ago. Can she escape his grasp a second time? And will she ever be able to let down her guard enough to find true love?

Filled with heart-stopping suspense, gritty realism, and a touch of romance, Don't Look Back is the second book in the Women of Justice series.

My thoughts:

You may remember that a few months ago I reviewed Too Close to Home, the first book in Lynette Eason's Women of Justice series. You may also recall that I loved it. Because of this, I quickly responded to Revell when Don't Look Back was available for review.

Jamie, the main character in Don't Look Back was introduced in Too Close to Home and I was anxious to read her story. Basically, as the back cover copy mentions, several years ago Jamie was kidnapped and tortured and narrowly escaped with her life.

After going into hiding for a few years, deeply emotionally scarred and terrified from her traumatic experience, Jamie went through extensive therapy and is finally putting her life back together. Now a forensic anthropologist, her latest case reveals that she wasn't the only victim of this psychopath who calls himself The Hero. The attacker is back in action and he makes it very clear that he intends to finish what he started with Jamie.

Meanwhile, Jamie has a chance at love with a great guy. But letting her guard down to trust again isn't easy.

Don't Look Back has plenty of suspense. Like the first book in this series, the plot is nicely woven with a couple of twists and turns I didn't see coming. I will say, however, that also like the first book, I did pick out the killer very early on. I only wish there had been a couple more characters that would have kept me guessing a bit more. That said, it didn't make me any less willing to turn the pages.
The characters are well crafted and likable, with individual flaws that make them real and relatable. The romance angle was sweet and just enough without overpowering the suspense. The spiritual thread was natural, even the "conversion," which can sometimes come across as forced. But I felt it to be a smooth transition from unbeliever to "pretty-much-a-believer." I like that the "conversion" wasn't completely tied up in a neat little bow but left the reader hopeful.

Don't Look Back, like Too Close to Home, does not disappoint. I am eagerly awaiting the third installment in the Women of Justice series.

*Don't Look Back is available October 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.*

Thanks to Revell for providing me with a copy of this book to review. A positive review was not required and all thoughts are my own.


Lynette Eason is the author of Too Close to Home and three other romantic suspense novels. She is a member of American Fiction Christian Writers and Romance Writers of America. A homeschooling mother of two, she has a master's degree in education from Converse College. She lives in South Carolina.
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kathy taylor said...

What an exciting plot! I hope to read "Don't Look Back" soon and hope Lynette Eason has wonderful success.

Diane said...

Glad you liked them both. It's a bummer to love the first and then have the next one sizzle out... :O)