Wednesday, October 27, 2010

To e or not to e...

So we all know the e-book market is exploding. The Kindle, The Nook, and other e-book readers will top thousands of Christmas lists this year. There's no denying that e-publishing is here to stay.

Personally, I have been toying with putting together a couple of tutorial-style e-books. I have an idea for a series that I would love to develop (in all that spare time I have. Ha). But really, this may be the time to do it. The consignment shop where I currently work two days per week is closing in December and I'm looking for something to replace that income. I do OK freelancing, but hey, let's face it. I'm used to that extra cash every week.

So I have an idea, and I have the skill (at least, I like to think so). My problem is that I have no clue where to start. When it comes to anything technical or computer-ish, my brain turns to mush.

The good news is, I've heard that lots of smart people hang out on my blog. I would so appreciate any and all input-slash-advice you guys can offer.

Have you published anything electronically? If so, what type of content? Was it simple or complicated? Any tips or suggestions??

Also, I'm curious how many of you read e-books. Do you have a Kindle? Do you love it? Do you ever purchase tutorials or e-guides online? If so, what types?

My agent's blog post on Monday was titled, Agents and eBooks. Interesting stuff, especially if it's proving difficult to sell a manuscript the traditional way. If you have time, I encourage you to check it out: FROM THE HEART: AGENTS AND EBOOKS


Joanne Sher said...

I'm NOT smart that way - but I WANT an e-reader. As you know, my hubby has one and absolutely LOVESS it!

Sorry to hear about the consignment shop closing. Praying God will fill that income vacuum in a special way.

Diana said...

Um, I'm not especially techie but my understanding is that e-books are all about pdf files and proper formatting - all stuff I'm SURE you could catch on to without much studying :) Your content would be killer and you should be able to have someone format the files and save you the time. I don't have a e-book reader (still stuck in the mud and want the feel of pages in my hand...sigh), but I have read e-books on my laptop and desktop with much delight - mostly tutorial type, study guide things.

PatriciaW said...

Lots of info available about the technical end of stuff on the 'Net.

I don't have an ereader but I do use Kindle for PC as well as Adobe Digital Editions for NetGalley. I might get one for Christmas or maybe my birthday next year.

Diane said...

Not to "e" for me..... :O)

Patty Wysong said...

Go e, Lynda! It's not hard, and has great potential. Lotsa potential there for you and what it sounds like you have in mind.

Cheryl Linn Martin said...

I love the look and feel of paper books, but I can see the great value in e-books.