Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Freelancing Finds

Maybe you're looking to supplement your fiction habit with freelance writing. Or maybe you're a full-time freelancer and are constantly on the lookout for places to submit your work. Well, here are two good opportunities I came across.  Just wanted to share...


Kiwi Publishing is looking for true, inspirational stories of 1200 words or less that will make readers laugh, cry, or sigh. Stories should be positive, universal, and non-controversial. The "point" or "message" should be evident without preaching. No essays, commentaries, tributes, philosophical or biographical pieces will be accepted. We are currently collecting stories in the following categories:

  • Thin Threads of Women & Friendship
  • Thin Threads of Veterans & Heroes
  • Thin Threads of Pets & Companions
  • Thin Threads of Faith & Hope
  • Thin Threads of Family & Legacy
  • Thin Threads of Moms & Grandmas
  • Thin Threads of Dads & Grandpas
  • Thin Threads of Holidays & Celebrations (including Romance/Valentine's Day)
  • Thin Threads of Teens & Young Adults
  • Thin Threads of Babies & New Parents
Each story must:

1. Be real, nonfiction
2. Capture the essence of a thin thread event
3. Evoke an emotion from the reader

You may submit more than one story for any of our upcoming titles. Please select stories from your own experiences, or from someone in your life.

Should your story be selected and be included in one of the Thin Thread book series, a permission fee of $100 will be paid to you. To submit your story, click here.


Word Aflame welcomes submissions for The Vision, their Sunday School take-home paper. They are in need of personal experience, interviews, fiction, poetry, and devotionals.

Check out the complete submission guidelines here: Submission Guidelines


BECKY said...

Thanks for the info! And I can vouch for Thin Threads. I have a story published in their newest book. Stacey Battat is a joy to work with, too!!

Lynda Schab said...

Good to know, Becky. Congrats on your published story!

Jennee said...

I'll definitely be looking into some of these. Thanks for the info!

Sally said...

Thanks for mentioning these opportunities. I haven't worked the free-lance route but done a lot of reading. Time to step out.