Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nearing Another Milestone


There's something cool about having followers. As "cult-ish" as that sounds, I'm talking about blog followers. It's both exhilarating and humbling to think that people like your blog well enough to want to read it again. To "follow" it.

I remember when I had just started my blog and reaching 100 seemed impossible. Then in September, 2010 I reached 200 and I was ecstatic!

Now, I am only 3 away from reaching the next milestone of 300. Wow.

I'm thinking that when I hit 300, I'll offer a nice giveaway. I love doing giveaways and I have a few books I'd love to share with you. Perhaps I'll list them all and choose three winners (one per hundred followers), who will be able to choose which book they want from that list.

Until then, I have a question for you. Well, a few questions.

What determines whether you click on the "follow" button of a blog? What types of blogs do you follow? Do you really read all of the blogs you follow? What keeps you coming back?


Joanne Sher said...

I DO read all the blogs I follow - or at least scan them. But I know I'm a freak that way (LOL in a nice way!). I LOVE my google reader! Visit it daily, minimum.

If a blog is done by a dear friend, it's an automatic follow. If there is excellent advice/encouragement/thought-provoking posts, I follow. If I write for the blog, it gets followed (LOL is that one too obvious?).

Sometimes I'll follow a blog because it's "required" for a giveaway entry, but if after a few weeks (I generally give them that much), it's not clicking with me, I'll unfollow.

As far as the kinds of blogs I follow - writing blogs, agent blogs, devotional blogs, personal blogs, etc. etc. etc. But the first three types are most common for me. Just FYI, I currently follow 91 blogs (used to be twice that or more - but I trimmed it down when I found I was spending WAY too much time scanning).

Congrats on being so close to 300! I'd follow again if I could ;)

Diane said...

Posts that interest me or make me smile. Authors that share directly from their lives. :O)

Lynda Lee Schab said...

Thanks for leaving your thoughts, Jo and Diane. I personally follow several blogs and scan the daily blurbs via Blogger. If one sounds interesting I'll click on it but I'll admit, I don't do this daily. Like you, Jo, I'm most interested in blogs by writers and publishers. And of course, I love devotional stuff, too. :-)

Sherry said...

What Jo said--"If a blog is done by a dear friend, it's an automatic follow. If there is excellent advice/encouragement/thought-provoking posts, I follow. If I write for the blog, it gets followed (LOL is that one too obvious?)." I tend to follow blogs that are relatable to where I am in my walk with the Lord in some way or form. No, I don't always read every single one but the guilt eventually drives me to stop in and comment on the ones that have been neglected. Things that keep me coming back- good writing, good questions, topics that give me something to meditate on or talk about with God, and the length of the posts. Anything over 600 words is hard for me to digest.

Yay for your 300! Awesome!

Chris Jager - Baker Book House-fiction buyer said...

I follow mostly author blogs and a couple of reviewer blogs. I don't always read them all as what is being written about doesn't interest me or isn't something I am part of. I do follow a devotional blog that I do read daily.

I somtimes like to hear what others say on certian things so I will look them up and read blogs on it, but I don't follow that many as there are so many out there and most of them are not all that intersting.

I really am not interested in follow what someone does everyday, no matter who they are. I don't need to know what someone did for lunch that day or how cute their cat is. :-D

The ones I follow help me with my work and like I said my devotions, but other than that I am not a big blog reader.

PatriciaW said...

You got me. I typically haven't followed blogs because I subscribe and read them via Google Reader. But since I don't follow many via the little "Follow" button, maybe that's why I don't have many followers despite subscribing to over 150 blogs?

Jackie S. said...

Duh....would someone explain google reader to me!?!?!? Thanks!!

Susan said...

Hi Linda...I hit the Follow button if a blog appeals to me----if it makes me laugh, think, or cry.

I follow a variety of blogs---writing blogs, interior decorating, spiritual,humorous, etc.

I read 99 percent of the blogs I follow---sometimes a day or two later but I eventually get to them.

Once I become a blog "friend", that's what keeps me coming back. I check in to see how my bloggy friends are doing, what they're up to, etc.