Friday, August 26, 2011

Fun Friday: Me...from A to Z

I'm in the mood for something fun today. So here's more than you've ever wanted to know about me. Feel free to share your own A to Z details on your blog. Let me know so I can get to know you better!

A. age :: Forever 35!
B. baked good preference :: Anything containing chocolate
C. chore you hate ::Cleaning the tub. Ugh.
D. dogs :: None. According to our daughter, we are the meanest parents in the world.
E. essential start to your day ::Coffee. Duh.
F. favorite color :: Turquoise
G. gold or silver :: silver
H. height :: 5'3 (1/2)
I. instruments you play :: Clarinet in junior high, some piano
J. job title :: Author/writer (full time), warehouse worker, pricing rep. (part time)
K. kids ::Zach and Lyndsey
L. live :: West Michigan
M. maiden name :: Vermeer (yes, like the painter. We have to be related somewhere down the line)
N. nicknames :: Gorgeous, Hot, Sexy...oh, for real? Pin (not quite as appealing)
O. overnight hospital stays :: twice with babies
P. pet peeve :: Being late (and people who are late), loud chewing
Q. quote ::
R. righty or lefty :: right
S. siblings :: Two younger brothers (one's a lefty!)
T. time you wake up :: Between 4 & 5. I'm not crazy, just an early bird.
U. university attended :: none
V. vegetables you dislike: squash
W. what makes you run late :: If I am ever late, it must be because of someone else. (See P)
X. x-rays you’ve had ::Shoulder, neck, dental. Does the dreaded mammo count?
Y. yummy food :: Ice cream, anything sweet, cappuccinos, burritos
Z. zoo animal favorite ::Definitely monkeys
Have a fabulous weekend!


Jessica R. Patch said...

Love it! We have some stuff in common, like hating to be late and loud chewers. Oh it makes me ill! I'm an early riser, too. 4/5.

Lot of fun learning about you! Have a great weekend. :)

Loree Huebner said...

Ha! Love the nickname. Mine is Poo. I hate doing laundry. I live in Indiana, and I'll go along with the "forever 35" - tehehe from me. Fun post.

Have a great weekend.

Joanne Sher said...

Fun stuff! May do this later :) MAY

Lynda Lee Schab said...

I just realized I never posted a favorite quote. I'll have to think on that...

Thanks for stopping by, guys. Hope to see a similar list on your blogs. :-)

Kimberly Russell said...

What a great idea, Lynda. Will have to borrow. And I too am an early riser, no matter what day of the week it is!