Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday FIVE...Which Princess are you?

One of the themes included in my debut novel, Mind over Madi, is princesses. In the story, Madi's therapist introduces the idea that Madi is a princess simply because she is the daughter of the King. Madi then tries to figure out which Disney princess she most relates to. Just for fun, for the Friday Five, I've posted brief personality descriptions of 5 of the several Disney princesses mentioned in my novel. These descriptions are taken from

Cinderella has a positively cheerful and sunny attitude, no matter the circumstances. She is always hopeful of good things to come and is extremely patient and endlessly kind. Cinderella believes that through hard work and perseverance all her dreams can come true. She is very strong willed and determined, but always well-meaning and caring. Cinderella is incredibly honest and faithful, always standing for what is right.

Snow White is the type of person that sees the good in everyone and everything. She always follows her heart and does what's right. Snow White can be described as sweet, charming, gentle, cheerful, and pure. She never judges anyone and is very nurturing and kind to others. Snow White can also be described as naive and innocent. She is very trusting and unfailingly optimistic.

Jasmine is a spirited and headstrong young lady. She is fiercely independent with plenty of self-confidence and willpower. Princess Jasmine is rich and powerful and often comes across as sharp-tongued and arrogant. She is cunning and clever, but extremely honest and good at heart. Her impetuousness and curiosity often lead her on exotic adventures.

Mulan seems to have little interest in romance. She is very independent and self-reliant. Although Mulan is clumsy, she makes up for it with courage and spunk. She is very brave and even heroic. Mulan has incredible determination and ingenuity, and can be a bit mischievous at times.

Ariel has a great passion for discovery and adventure. She is known to follow her heart, which often gets her into trouble for disobedience. Ariel is energetic, fun-loving, and outgoing, which makes her fun to be around. Ariel can be quite stubborn and determined and is sometimes classified as a bit of a daredevil.

 Which princess do you most relate to?


Jessica R. Patch said...

How fun was this!? I'd have to go with Ariel because I love adventure and it almost always gets me in trouble.

Although, if you would've added napping for long periods of time, I could have chosen Snow White. :)

Julie Arduini said...

Perfect timing for this post. I'm reading your book and tomorrow my daughter and I are going to a princess party at the library. :)

Reading those descriptions, I guess I'm Mulan. I can be so independent I need to slow down and remember I have not just a prince wanting to help, but a King who loves me most of all.

Loree Huebner said...

Definitely Mulan - as a Civil War reenactor, I've gone out and fought many battles undercover.

cbalmony said...

Which one am I? Positively cheerful? Not! Sees the good in everyone? uh-uh! Independent? Hmmm, but not self-confident. ... Hey, what about Belle? You know, Beauty and the Beast? The one who loved to read and was good at knocking the arrogant male off his high horse. Oh yeah, that's me!

Lynda Schab said...

I know, Connie, I was going to include Belle, but to keep with my Friday Five theme, I had to pick and choose. Of course, on a blog for readers and writers, Belle is one I should have included. Sorry!

cjajsmommy said...

I'm another one that would have gone with Belle. Belle was able to see beyond the outside to the real person within. That's how a long haired barefoot dirty tree-hugging hippie-wannabe ended up as my son-in-law!