Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Help me Spread the Word about Mind over Madi

Over the past month or two, I've had the not-so-fun-job of marketing and promoting myself. I've had an amazing number of people step up so far as influencers and to participate in my blog tour, which I SOOOOO appreciate. Now that my book is released (pause to cheer!), promoting is even more important. This is my least favorite part of being a writer, but it has to be done. So, yes, I'm asking for your help.

I'm going to list here a few ways you can help spread the word about my book. Anything you can do would be greatly appreciated!

To show how much it means to me, I am offering you NOVEL MORSELS for free! NOVEL MORSELS is an e-cookbook featuring 65 fiction authors who share recipes taken from their books. This is an awesome collaboration and I am honored to have one recipe included (Madi's Mean Mostaccioli). Simply go to Nicole O'Dell's website (she is the Super Woman who created the cookbook) and use the code: LYNDASCHAB. That's it! Easy-peasy. ENJOY!

And thanks in advance for anything you can do to help spread the word about MIND OVER MADI.

 Here are some ways you can help:

1) Book Review -  Book reviews are what influence people most, so I am always looking for positive reviews. Please review on one or more of the following sites:

1) Your blog
2) (USA)
3) (Canada)
4) (UK)
5) Barnes & Noble
7) Books-A-Million

2) Author Interview–Send me a list of questions to answer for an interview on your blog. I'll need 3-4 days to complete and email back. I do have a set of canned Q & A's you are welcome to request, but these will be posted in several places over the next few months, so if you can think of fresh questions, that would be great!

3. General Blurb - Simply posting the back cover blurb, the cover, and my bio on your blog would be fine, too. Anything to get the word out!

Other Influencing Options

1) Share a link of your review, interview, or just a line or two about my book on Social Media sites like Facebook.

2) Suggest my Facebook page to your friends list.

3) Spread the news of my book through your local church, libraries, book clubs & writing groups.

4) Visit your local bookstore and request a copy of my book. When a book is requested, stores usually order an extra copy or two to keep on the shelf.

5) Purchase a copy of my book and pass it along to a friend or donate it to your local library.

6) If you're on Twitter, Tweet a couple of times about my novel. You can follow me on Twitter here:

7) Tell your family and friends! Word of mouth is the most effective marketing tool!

If you can let me know how exactly you can help, and provide links to your post(s), I will also link to them from Facebook and Twitter. If you have any questions or other ideas, please let me know. 

Thanks again for your help! I appreciate you more than you know.


Jessica R. Patch said...

This is such a great idea, Lynda! Smart cookie!

Sherry said...

You're on my blog today, Lynda! Taking a facebook break but as soon as I am able I'll spread the word there too. Don't worry, I've got you covered.

Lynda Schab said...

Thanks, Sherry! You rock!

Thanks for the compliment, Jessica. Marketing is not especially fun, but it's SO necessary. Bleh.

Coleene said...

I would love to help you. Would this mean I can get an autographed copy? I will read/review and post on my blog. Someday maybe you can do the same for me. So excited for you! Coleene

Lynda Schab said...

Thanks, Coleene! I wish I could give all of my influencers a copy of my book, but unfortunately I don't have extra copies to do that. Sorry :-( But I would love to return the favor someday!