Friday, December 30, 2011


I mentioned in my last post that I've been spending some time reflecting on the past year and thinking ahead to the one ahead (like many of us are doing as we prepare for 2012). And if you read my BLOG BLEH post, you know I've been thinking of ways to improve my blog. My biggest blog goal this year is not to gain more followers (although I wouldn't complain!) but to connect more with my readers and build relationships, however virtual they may be. As much as I would love to meet you all in person, chances are that won't happen this side of heaven. But that doesn't mean we can't connect online and share our hearts, our thoughts, and our faith.

Before I post the changes I will be implementing, mainly in the way of daily (well, 3 per week) themes for 2012, I want to note a couple of major changes.

1. I do not plan on posting any writing "how-to" type articles on my blog. Anything relating to the writing process (freelance writing or writing in general) will now be posted on my page. As the National Christian Writing Examiner, I'm thinking that is a better platform for writing-related articles. I do encourage you to subscribe to my posts there, so you can get those delivered directly to you, as posted (This could be anywhere between 1-5 per week). You can check out all of my Christian Writing articles and subscribe on THIS PAGE.

2. I will now be posting most author interviews, book reviews, and new book release information on my Grand Rapids Christian Fiction Examiner page. As with the Christian Writing content,  I'm thinking there's no sense in posting fiction information in two places. is the avenue I intend on using to promote all things related to Christian fiction. Again, I hope you will subscribe to those posts so you don't miss anything. You can check out my current articles (my favorite it the Author Fun Facts, which features lots fun tidbits about your favorite Christian authors), and subscribe to those articles HERE.

BY THE WAY...if you are an author, PLEASE feel free to contact me if/when: your book is released; you have a book signing event in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area (I can only post events in my city); you have a writing-related article you'd be willing to share with my Examiner audience; you want to schedule an interview (I am always looking for Journey to Publication and Fun Facts interviews - I provide the questions, you provide the answers). I love promoting other Christian authors and welcome your content and news.

OK...onto my blog schedule for 2012.. I reserve the right to change this schedule at any time (it is my blog, after all! :-)) I may miss a few posts here and there when life gets hectic, but starting next week, on January 2nd, I hope to stick to the following themes.

MONDAY - Madi Moment Mondays... My friend Carrie Crawford came up with this term and I love it. If you've read my book, you know that my main character, Madi McCall, has a few issues. In Mind over Madi, she deals with insecurities, kids who test her patience and turn her hair gray, a dysfunctional family, addiction to Edy's Dibs and computer games, and arachnophobia. She regularly sees a psychologist, who tries getting Madi to find her inner princess. (If you haven't read my book, what are you waiting for? Click on the Amazon link to the left!)

So, on Mondays, I may share a personal "Madi Moment" situation from my own life. I may post some fun facts about princesses. Maybe I'll open up discussion about insecurity or motherhood. Or I may just include a passage from my book. Whatever I post about, it will relate, in some way, to my book, my characters, or the theme of the story. Should be fun.

WEDNESDAY - Wednesday Word(s)... Writers and words go together like the Kardashians and television. What I like about the word "Word" is it offers several options. One idea I'm stealing from my friend, Joanne Sher (check out her blog, An Open Book), is A2Z4UandMe. This is a blog meme where you start with the letter A and work your way toward Z, one blog post at a time, coming up with one word (or several words) to describe each letter. It seems like a lot of fun. I do intend to get through the alphabet in 2012, so this will use up 26 weeks of Wednesday Words. The other 26 weeks may consist of devotionals based on THE Word, or anything else relating to the wonderful world of words.

FRIDAY - Fancy-Free Fridays - The phrase says it all. Who knows what you'll get on Fridays? Could be a personal reflection, a list of some sort, a book giveaway, a guest post, or another fun something-or-other. A little mystery is good for the soul. So I'll keep you guessing with Fancy-Free Fridays.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedules to read my blog. I hope you'll stick with me in the new year. I look forward to connecting with you more in 2012!


Joanne Sher said...

Smart girl! Looks like a great schedule (by the way, a2z is actually Patty Wysong's brainchild - to give credit where credit is due. Though, since we do share a brain, I suppose I can have SOME credit! LOL).

I think you are VERY smart to focus your writing/promotion, etc. stuff on your examiner page. I subscribe to both, and have been pleased to see you posting more often. Now to just get over there ;)

Lynda Lee Schab said...

Thanks, Jo. It really is tough to keep everything organized - all the blogs/Examiner stuff/marketing stuff, and now novel writing stuff...trying to come up with a schedule that works for me. I just posted the writing schedules of Shelley Adina and Vannetta Chapman over on Examiner. They seem to have a good grasp on how to make it work. I'm in awe of expert time managers.

I thought the A2Z thing might have been Patty's brainchild, but I saw it on your blog. And yes, you do share a brain, so you both get props! :-)

Diane Reed Loew said...

sounds good to me!

Di Smith said...

Looking forward to spending time with you here (bring on the Madi Moments!) and on your Examiner pages.