Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fantabulous Fun with Wacky Words

While working on How Christmas Saved the Grinch, our church's Christmas production last year, my co-writer Diane and I had a lot of fun with words. Not only creating the words that would eventually come alive on stage, but coming up with new and fun words, Dr. Seuss-style. A couple were taken from the Jim Carey version of The Grinch and a few were just fun words we've all heard before, and some others were extensions of other words. But then there were those we had a blast totally making up. At least, we think we made them up. If we're taking credit where credit isn't due, so sorry! But I thought you'd enjoy taking a look at a few of these fictional words and poems that we included in our script of The Grinch that are just plain fun.

KERBOBBLED...CHOCOWHOCHIP...FLANGLE FOO. We took the word "Kerbobbled" from the Jim Carey version of The Grinch. The other two are original (as far as I know). Cindy Lou uses all three in one chunk of dialogue during a conversation with her dad. She says..."But Daddy, I’m sad. When Mayor May Who was talking about the Grinch, everyone seemed so… Kerbobbled. Isn’t there a way to get the Grinch to be nice and happy? Maybe we can bake him some choco-Who-chip cookies or bring him some flangle-foo flowers."

FANTABULOUS...I was surprised to learn that this word originated way back in the 1950s. It's recently made a comeback and it was a perfect line for the Grinch when he tried on his self-made Santa coat. "I look fantabulous!" this word, a combination of Positively and absolutely. Said by the mayor..."No, Cindy Lou, the  Grinch will absolutely, positutely NOT be joining us for Christmas!"

DILLY oldie but goodie. This two-word combination just rolls of the tongue and is such fun to say. Cindy Lou's dad uses it when he and his wife, Mindy, are heading back to Whoville for the Christmas Eve celebration. "Well, now don’t you girls dilly dally. You don’t want to miss out on the celebration preparations, dontcha know." 

FRAZZLED FIZZY FOO...You know the saying, "last one there is a rotten egg!" In Whoville, Cindy Lou's friend Patty Sue uses a different variation. "Last one there is a frazzled fizzy foo!"

HORRIBLE-O-NIOUS... this word is used by the Mayor of Whoville when describing The Grinch. "...And remember…if you happen to spot a nasty green horrible-onious looking creature, report directly to my lowly assistant, AnyWho. The Grinch will not spoil our Whobilation Christmas Day celebration!"

GRUEL-AID...The Grinch's version of Kool-aid. He tries offering a glass to the police officers who come and try to arrest him: "Wait! Do we have time for a glass of snotty-slimy-sticky-gooey Gruel-Aid"

Fun poems with extra fun words:

I asked for a set
of fumble bum-bum drums
and a razzle dazzle pack
of chizzle chewing gum!
Are you crazy? Last summer,
the Grinch stole my bike...
My 10x wuzzle whiffer
with the spinning spangled spike!

The Grinch stuck out his foot
and made my grandma trip
she went biz-banger-bump!
and broke her hip!

What are some words you've made up or just think are positutely fun to say?


PJ, Minnesota said...

I didn't make these up, but they seem to be a mashup of two perfectly good words, and they are stuck in my head: Rubbage (rubbish + garbage) and Neighburbs (neighborhood + suburbs). Feels good to get them out of my system!

Lynda Lee Schab said...

Love those! Especially Neighburbs. Never heard that one before. Too fun. :-)