Wednesday, February 22, 2012

D is for Daughter

So I'm up to the letter D in the A2ZforUandMe meme. And today, I'd like to make my post a little more personal. Of course I'm biased, but God has blessed me with the most beautiful, most precious DAUGHTER ever. Lyndsey and I spend a lot of time together. Among other things, we share a love for Shopping, ice cream, and CSI. She was off on Winter Break last weekend, and I had the chance to spend the entire day with her on Monday. What a reminder of just what an amazing woman she's growing up to be. I just have to share a few photos of my DAUGHTER Lyndsey here. Hope you don't mind.

Is there anything more fun than dressing a little girl? Her closet was filled with the cutest outfits. Which was perfect, because they were for the cutest baby.

Her very first dance costume. She performed Kimbo the Clown at Miss Roseanne's School of Dance.

Her Sponge Bob birthday!

Even when she copped an attitude, like not wanting to wear this Sully (from Monsters, Inc) costume she begged me to buy because she didn't like the black nose I painted, she was still adorable.

A silly moment. We have lots of those moments around here.

The first day of her last day of junior high. A bittersweet moment for me...

Volleyball...she doesn't play anymore and still misses it. She had to choose between volleyball and band. Seeing how she is only 5'2 and done growing, she chose band, knowing her chances of making the varsity team in high school was slim.

And because of her decision to stick with band instead of Volleyball, she had the opportunity to experience winning State (the first time in 6 years for Jenison)! She in the drum line (cymbals). That's her in the first row.

Her Freshman photos. Is she gorgeous, or what?

Thanks for letting me share pictures of my DAUGHTER