Friday, February 3, 2012

This is a test...this is only a test...

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Commercial over...back to the regularly scheduled blog post...

I love tests and quizzes. No, not the school kind (math...shudder), but the personality kind. My favorite subject in school was psychology, and my love for what makes people tick comes in real handy in writing fiction. So any time I see a link to a personality test, I click on over and see what it has to say about me. And 99% of the time, the assessment is dead-on.

At the beginning of January, Glynnis Whitwer, author of I Used to Be So Organized, held a 10-day Clutter-Free Challenge. For two weeks, she sent a daily email sharing her wisdom, tips, and advice on getting rid of the clutter - not just physical clutter, but mental, as well. Due to some things going on in my life at the time (clutter, ironically), I still haven't made it through all of her emails (I've saved them in a folder for later) but from what I did read, they contain some good stuff! I look forward to taking the time to implement some of her suggestions.

Yesterday, Glynnis sent another email with a link to a motivational test by Tamara Lowe, author of Get Motivated! This test asks the question, "Does your personality hinder your ability to de-clutter?" It basically looks at three categories:
  1. What drives you (production or connection)
  2. What your needs are (stability or variety)
  3. What awards you prefer (internal or external)
Of course, I clicked right over to take the test. There were some questions that were tough. I knew what I should answer, what would be the Christian answer, but I made myself be completely honest. And, once again, I'm amazed at the results, which I've posted below (because I know you're dying to know more about me). The one thing that I thought was way off-base was that the assessment said I am disciplined. If you've followed my blog for long, you know discipline is something I struggle with. But as I thought about it, I realized that I really am disciplined in a way. I usually take on more than I should and always get done what needs to be done. That takes discipline, even if I'm stressing out about it the whole time (saving that topic for another day).

Anyway, today I just want to share the link with you, my fellow writers and personality test-takers. I thought you might enjoy it. If nothing else, maybe you'll gain new insight into your strengths and weaknesses, or come away with new ideas for your characters. 

Here's the link if you'd like to take the test yourself:

MY RESULTS (in case you're interested):
CSE (Connection-Stability-External) - The Refiner

Refiners are systematic thinkers who value precision. They have the ability to see the big picture while still focusing on the details. Refiners are conscientious and disciplined. They are supportive and respectful of others. Personal and practical, Refiners tend to be family-oriented. They are deeply loyal and have a well-defined sense of right and wrong. They prefer a “democratic” style of leadership and expect others to play according to the rules.

Refiners are dependable and diligent. Fair pay and sincere appreciation for their work make them feel valued. They are deliberate in their decision-making and want to ensure that their choices do not adversely affect others.

CSE Motivators: All the facts plus enough time to analyze them, competent team members, recognition by superiors, special privileges, freedom from controls and genuine respect.

CSE De-Motivators: High pressure deadlines, too many cooks in the kitchen, rapid change, infringement on personal or family time and perceived inequity.

Did you click on over to take the test? What were your results?


dandelionfleur said...

This was really interesting, Lynda. I took the test out of curiosity:). It said I was a (Production-Variety-Internal) The Visionary

I think I'll go and make some things happen today.

Thanks for the boost.

Lynda Lee Schab said...

So how accurate was the assessment? That's what always intrigues me. Glad you enjoyed the test. I can never resist these things. :-)

Jessica R. Patch said...

You know I'm gonna have to do this now! LOL Work shmirk. Ha!

Jessica R. Patch said...

Just took it. I'm a DNI Production-Stability-Internal The Director

It was pretty dead on, I gotta say.

Lynda Lee Schab said...

Haha, Jessica. You're just like me...can't resist! I think there should be a test to figure out why people like us are addicted to tests. :-)