Friday, November 23, 2012

I'm Dreaming of a Write Christmas

 So the Christmas season has officially begun, and I love it! Love the decorating, the shopping, the lights, the music, the giving, the whole wonder of it all, centering around, of course, the birth of our Savior. Right now I'm taking a break from decking the halls to type this, and as I look out my window, it's snowing outside - the first snow of the season! Totally adds to the whole Christmas mood.

But there's one aspect of the season I don't particularly care for: the lack of time I have to write. Basically, everything I love about Christmas takes away from my other love: writing. This lack of time is frustrating, and can get downright annoying. All I want for Christmas is the chance to plop my butt in the chair and type. And type. And type.

But, my type, type, type is replaced by the hype, hype, hype of the holidays.


But it's all good. I try to remind myself that the baking, shopping, wrapping, planning, decorating, and party-going will only last a few short weeks and then it will be back to a routine and productivity (and with a Spring deadline for Sylvie & Gold, I won't have much choice!) When I start to get whiny, wishing for more time to write in the next few weeks, I'll try to remember the reason for it all and readjust my focus.

So that brings me to a question for you. How do you find time to write during the busy Christmas season? I'd love to hear your tips and tricks for adding words to your manuscript while still accomplishing everything you need to do.

In the meantime, I'll be shopping. And wrapping. And decking the halls. And baking...

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Jennifer Saake said...

I've been trying to gear up to write the last few sections of my devotional, so I have done to blogging challenges this month, both requiring daily writing. My hope is, that by the time December comes, I will be so into the groove of daily writing, I'll feel I have "extra" time on my hands for writing, next month? It's a good theory, but we will see how it is lived out in reality. Here's hoping!

Jennifer Saake said...

"Two," not "to" blogging challenges. ;)

Lynda Lee Schab said...

Good for you, Jennifer! Sometimes you just have to dive in and do it. :-)

Loree Huebner said...

This year I will have time to write. I'm having knee surgery (torn cartilage) on Wednesday. I won't be able to do much of anything else for a few weeks, and I'm off of work as of last Wednesday.

My plan is to finish my WIP, and complete revisions on a historical I wrote sometime back.