Tuesday, December 4, 2012

'Tis the Season for Winning Books!


Welcome to the official kickoff of THE 12 BOOKS OF CHRISTMAS! 

12 books...12 winners!

Okay, so the title may be a little misleading because not all are Christmas-themed books we're giving away (although there are three). But all 12 happen to be wonderful books that are meant to be a blessing to you or to a book lover on your gift-giving list. 

I have to confess, I'm trying things a little differently this year, so you're the guinea pigs (not to be confused with oinky-stinky pigs). I hope this format works as well in real life as it does in my head. Guess we'll find out!

Here are the basics:

Contest will run from today through December 17

The only requirement is that you leave a comment. Any comment. You can say, "Hi, my name is Lynda and I'm a bookaholic," or give an entire rundown of your day. Share your favorite Christmas book, or tell me how annoyed you were at the mall. The point isn't what you say, just that you say something (of course, you'll need to keep it clean or risk comment deletion, being hung by your toes, or worse). You are encouraged to comment once per day for more chances to win (see below). 

NOTE: There is no limit on the number of books you could win. Your name could be randomly selected once, twice, or even more times throughout the course of the giveaway.

How it will work:

1. Today, I'll post a simple list of the 12 books to be given away. 

2. Tomorrow and Thursday, I will post blurbs of these books, as well as bios of the authors, to give you a taste of how awesome they all are!

3. Tomorrow, I will also post the name of the first winner.

4. One winner will be selected each day for 12 consecutive days, from December 5th through the 16th.

5. On Monday, December 17th, I will post a list of all the winners, in the order they were selected (1st on the list will be the name I select tomorrow, 2nd will be the one selected the next day, and so on). The 1st person on the list will get first choice of the books. 2nd will get 2nd, 3rd will get 3rd, etc., and the 12th person will get whatever book is left (it's never fun to be the last one picked, but I promise, you'll all have a hard time deciding because they are all WONDERFUL!) If everyone gets back to me quickly, I'll also post which book they chose.

SO...those of you who leave a comment today will get your name tossed in the hat for tomorrow's drawing. If you also leave a comment tomorrow, your name will be in the hat twice for the drawing in two days. If you leave a comment every day, your name will be in the hat 12 times for the final drawing. 

The earlier you leave a comment, the better your chances. And the more days you comment, the better your chances. 

Get it? Got it? GOOD!

I'll be revealing the name of the winner in a separate blog post each day. I will also be posting a couple of features/guest posts of one of the participating authors. So there will be a different blog post to comment on every day, to be entered in the giveaway.

Are you ready for the list? Here it is:

  1. Postmark: Christmas by Darlene Franklin
  2. A Merry Little Christmas by Anita Higman
  3. Christmas Stalking by Margaret Daley
  4. Thyme for Love by Pamela S. Meyers
  5. Pineapples in Peril by Cheryl Linn Martin
  6. The Woodcutter's Revival by Jerry Slauter
  7. Falling in Love anthology by Susan Miura
  8. Hailee by Penny Zeller
  9. Winds of Wyoming by Rebecca Carey Lyles
  10. That Summer by Jo Huddleston
  11. Rockapocalypse: Disharmony of Justice by Byron Suggs
  12. The Road to Mercy by Kathy Harris

One of you who comments today will be the first name selected and will get the first pick from this fabulous list! 

Don't forget to come back tomorrow and every day through the 16th to comment and see if your name was chosen, not to mention read descriptions of the books you could win!

Happy commenting! Happy winning! Happy reading!

 **Contest disclaimer: Void where prohibited; open only to U.S. residents. Odds of winning depend on number of entrants.**


Stephanie Craig said...

First comment. Is that all I need to do?

Lynda Lee Schab said...

That's it, Stephanie! Come back tomorrow to see if you've won and to leave another comment for more chances! :-)

Unknown said...

The kids are off to school and now it is my turn to turn to my homework.....which is cleaning :(

Lynda Lee Schab said...

Sounds fun, Rebecca. Not. LoL

Vonnie Bodnar said...

Well, I'm glad we're not the oinky stinky kind of pigs. LOL

Rose McCauley said...

My first comment, too, bbut plan to be back!

Jes said...

Thanks for the generous giveaway!

jswaks at gmail dot com

Susan said...

Hi Lynda...My name is Susan and I'm a bookaholic! Susan

Lynda Lee Schab said...

Commenting for MICHELLE W who wasn't able to leave a comment (Blogger can be a pain sometimes!)

Jo said...

Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!


Angie Vik said...

I'm also a bookaholic. Would love to win.

Rhonda's Doings said...

I love books and reading!! totally would love to win! Thanks!!!

Rhonda's Doings said...

I love books and reading!! totally would love to win! Thanks!!!

Unknown said...

How fun!

Cari Weber said...

Hey Lynda,

Yes, how fun! Thanks for the opportunity!

Cari Weber said...

Happy Sunday!

Unknown said...

I am a bookaholic for sure. I love reading and collecting books. I do not like having to borrow from the library.

Diane Seth said...

I've just started reading the Margaret Daley book that I won 2 years ago. So far I like it! Throw my name in please!!