Friday, February 1, 2013

Reader's Choice Valentine Giveaway

Ah...Valentine's Day. Chocolate, flowers, sentimental greeting cards, chocolate, candlelight dinners, chocolate...

What's not to love about romance, right?

Hey, I'm a woman. I'm all for romance. I am also a writer who often includes romance in my stories. But I have a confession: when it comes to reading, romance novels are not at the top of my favorite genre list. Well, at least not "official" romance novels. Give me romantic suspense, edgy romance, or chick lit any day. But sweet and sappy? Nah...not too interested.

Not that I don't enjoy a good old fashioned romance from time to time. But really, does the romance genre need me as a reader? Romance has been and probably always will be the top selling genre, overall. In 2008, sales totals topped one billion dollars, making it clear that romance sells. 

In honor of the "Love month," I am doing a little giveaway. The winner will receive two heart tealight candle holders, and can choose from the three books in the photo (all of which I enjoyed very much, by the way). Two are romance novels, and one is a non-fiction collection of romantic stories, for those of you who prefer real-life stuff. Instructions for entry are at the end of this post (it's easy, I promise!)

SMITTEN by Colleen Coble, Kristin Billerbeck, Denise Hunter, and Diann Hunt. (Softcover)
I enjoyed this book and reviewed it for last year (read my review HERE.) I requested to review the follow-up, SECRETLY SMITTEN, this month, so watch for that. 

About the book:

With the help of four friends, Smitten, Vermont is about to become the most romantic town in America.

The proposed closing of the lumber mill comes as unwelcome news for the citizens of Smitten. How will the town survive without its main employer? A close-knit group of women think they’ve got just the plan to save Smitten. They’ll capitalize on its name and turn it into a tourist destination for lovers—complete with sweet shops, a high-end spa, romantic music on the square, and cabins outfitted with fireplaces and hot tubs.

But is this manly town ready for an influx of romantically-minded guests?
Country music sensation Sawyer Smitten, the town’s hometown hero, wants to help by holding his own wedding there on Valentine’s Day. And little Mia’s lavender wreaths hang all over town as a reminder that faith can work miracles. Along the way, four women spearheading the town’s transformation—energetic Natalie, sophisticated Julia, graceful Shelby, and athletic Reese—get in the spirit by reviving their own love lives.
HOW SWEET IT IS by Alice J. Wisler (softcover). The chocolate cake on the cover alone makes this a worth-while read!

About the book: Deena Livingston leaves behind a broken romance and her chef job in Atlanta to spend time at her grandfather's cabin in the mountains of North Carolina. But her grandfather has an odd request: he wants Deena to teach cooking classes to the ragtag group of middle-schoolers who attend the local afterschool program, The Center. Reluctantly, Deena agrees, but how is she supposed to convince these kids that cooking at home is better than eating at McDonalds? And after all she went through in Atlanta, why is she attracted to Zack, the social worker at The Center? Can a Dr. Seuss-quoting plumber, a curly-haired basketball player, and a group of middle-schoolers change Deena's outlook on life?
LOVE IS A VERB by Gary Chapman (hardcover)

About the book: Dr. Gary Chapman has spent his life helping people communicate love more effectively and in turn build more satisfying and lasting relationships. His book The Five Love Languages is a regular on the New York Times bestsellers list--even after being in print for fifteen years--and has made the term "love language" a part of everyday speech.

Love Is a Verb takes his teaching to the next level. Rather than a typical relationship self-help book filled with lengthy explanations of principles and techniques, it is a compilation of true stories displaying love in action.

These stories--written by everyday people--go straight to the hearts of readers, who often say that illustrations are the most effective parts of a book. Gary Chapman adds a "Love Lesson" to each story, showing readers how they can apply the same principles to their own relationships.


 All you need to do is answer the question below (any or all parts). If I receive at least 25 comments (from 25 different people), I will give away all three books (the first name picked gets the candle holders.) 

Winner will be randomly selected and announced on February 8

QUESTION 4 U: What type of romance do you read? Historical? Suspense? Chick lit? Sweet? Which authors do you enjoy? And what is the last book you read that contained romance?

  **Contest disclaimer: Void where prohibited; open only to U.S. residents. Odds of winning depend on number of entrants. Contact info must be included in the comment.**


Jo said...

Aw, the sweet romance of Valentine's Day coming up already. What a wonderful giveaway you are offering here. All 3 of the books sound so good and the tea-light candles as well. I love to read chick-lit and suspense with a hint of romance in it. The last book I read with a hint of romance in it is "Come to the Table" by Neta Jackson.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading historical romance stories. I just finished reading Safe In His Arms by Colleen Coble. I also like reading books by Olivia Newport and Julie Klassen.
Thanks for the giveaway.

Katie J.

Vicky said...

Love historical romance, but also Chick lit. Just finished "Always The Baker, Never The Bride" by Sandra D. Bricker. What a cute read!

Donna J. Shepherd said...

I like Christian contemporary romance. I just finished reading Sandra Bricker's "The Big 5-OH!" on my Kindle. It was sweet, lighthearted romance.

Ally said...

I looooove historical romance. I recently read "The Sultan's Seal" which was wonderful (:

Anonymous said...

I like Historical Romance and Romance Mysteries. And, just most kind of good Romance genres. I read "The Fiddler" by Beverly Lewis. Also, Gypsy's Game by Delia Latham. Both with good romances.
Maxie mac262(at)me(dot)com

Joanne Sher said...

I especially love historical romances - with emphasis on the historical. Roseanna White is definitely a favorite author of mine - SO looking forward to getting my copy of Ring of Secrets! And the book I'm reading right now - "Blood of Adam" by Rachel S. Neal - has some romance in it.

And yeah - I wanna win LOL

Lynda Lee Schab said...

Good luck, ladies! Spread the word so I get 25 comments. I'll then give away all three books, so you'll have more chances to win!

Vonnie Bodnar said...

I like mystery suspense with a touch of romance. The last one I read was "Deadly Aim" by Barbara Rushford. I enjoyed totally lost in's my escape from the real world...getting lost in fiction.

Diana Montgomery said...

I love a good mystery I love all kinds of romance as long as they are wrote in taste. No vulgar stuff. I think read "Amish White Christmas" by Samantha Bayarr and " The Random Acts of Cupid " by Amanda Tru last. I have a lot on my kindle to read. Love is in the air!Thanks for a chance to win!