Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Top 5 romantic movies...and a FREEBIE for YOU!

Ah, Valentine's Day...

Love in the air... chocolate on display in every grocery store...romantic movies rented out by the thousands... romance novels lining bookstore shelves.

Well, you'll have to find your own love and buy your own chocolate (sorry!) but I have put together a list of my favorite 5 classic romantic movies, which you can check out below. 

AND I have a wonderful romance book for you. The best part? It's FREE!

Last week, I shared that my short story, Blind Date, was selected as one of 6 short romances to be published in the Heart Bouquets anthology by Write Integrity Press. Today through Friday (February 13-15), HEART BOUQUETS will be offered FREE on Kindle. Is that cool, or what? Be sure to snag your copy while it's FREE! 

Did I mention that it's FREE?

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Sharing FREE stuff is one of my favorite things to do. Especially books! Especially books that contain my writing! And I certainly am in good company. The other authors included in this collection are fantabulous! Don't forget to tell your friends! Tweet it, Facebook it, blog about it. And most importantly, enjoy it!

As promised above, just for fun, here is my list of 5 favorite romance flicks. Let me know if you agree, and feel free to add your own picks in the comments.


Released in 1978, this musical film is an all-time classic. I wore out my Grease soundrack album as a teenager (I so wanted to be Sandy and belted out those songs with my hairbrush mike a gazillion times). Since then, I still periodically watch this movie and it never gets old. So pop in that DVD, grab your hair brush, and relive Danny and Sandy’s feel-good love story one more time.


Patrick Swayze. Tank top. Need I say more? Swoon….

Of course, there’s a great love story in there somewhere, too. You just have to take your eyes off Paddy long enough to find it.


Grab the tissues. You’ll need them for this tear-jerking story of how love triumphs over economic-class differences. The award-winning Love Story is sentimental, tragic, and oh-so-good.


Keep those tissues handy. Here’s another one that will tug at the tear-ducts. No matter how many times I watch this timeless and moving film, it never loses it’s magic. It’s got it all – suspense, excitement, tragedy, humor, sensuality and, of course, romance. Hint for you ladies: the action in this film will appeal to guys. If he only commits to watching one romantic movie with you, this one is definitely it!


There’s something about a military romance that’s, I don’t know, sexy and intriquing. An Officer and a Gentleman is one of those films that sticks with you, long after the credits roll. It’s been quoted by movie critics as, “the best movie about love I’ve seen in a long time.” The ending is fantastic – a guaranteed spine chiller (in a good way!) Watch Richard Gere in this break-out role that prompted him to win  the title of, “Sexiest man alive.”

So this gives you a start at the video store. Don’t see your favorite Oldy-but-Goody on my Top 5 List? Post yours in the comments. I’d love to hear them!

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Donna J. Shepherd said...

Love the book cover and looking forward to reading it! Thanks so much. Happy Valentine's Day!

Lynda Lee Schab said...

Thanks, Donna! Hope you enjoy it!

Susan said...

Thanks, Lynda. Unfortunately, I don't have a Kindle. Also thanks for the movies. Saw all of them and they are good ones. Happy (early) Valentine's Day! Susan

Terra said...

I like your list, and Top Gun would be on mine.

Lynda Lee Schab said...

Top Gun is a great one, Terra! It's out in 3D in theaters by us and I'd love to see it's been awhile! :-)

Happy Valentine's Day to you, too, Susan!