Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Well, we're only 9 days into the new year and things are happening! In fact, at the end of this month, something VERY new will be happening...I will become an official Work at Home Mom.

This is really an answer to prayer, as I've been praying for quite a while for an opportunity to stay home and write full-time. I have taken a position with Wahmzone, where I will be forums administrator as well as do other freelance work. Wahmzone was created by Pam Lindsay, the wife of FaithWriters owner, Scott Lindsay. They are wonderful people who love God and are great to work for! So let me insert here that YOU ARE INVITED to join me! If you are a mom and you work from home (either full or part-time) you qualify!

There are forums for all sorts of Direct Sales Companies (like Avon and Tupperware), Writing Moms, even eBaying Moms. It really is a great network with fabulous resources and a fun community where you can connect with other moms like you. There are even forums to refresh your soul and spirit, like Christian Wahms, Mental Moms, and The Water Cooler. Why not jump right to the message boards and start chatting!

In addition to the position with Wahm, I will also be seeking other freelance work with magazines and greeting cards, as well as get that blasted novel finished (I know I can...I know I can...)! Several other novel ideas are also brewing in my overactive brain and I would love to get started on those, too. Plus, most importantly, I love the fact that I will be accessible to my kids at any time and look forward to devoting more time to managing our home and family.

Quitting my part-time job (and consistent income) is a little scary but at the same time, very exciting! It is a step of faith, but one I feel will lead me down the path God has prepared for me and will take me deeper into His purpose for my life.

Thanks to each one of you (especially my husband, Rob) for your support and encouragement as I pursue my dream.

If you have a minute, please say a prayer for me as I begin this NEW adventure.

P.S. I would love to see you on the Wahmzone boards!


Cathy West said...

Congrats on the change in your life! I pray you will have more time to write and that publication will be just around the corner!! Keep at it!

CresceNet said...

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terri said...

So happy for you Lynda! I know it will go well:)