Friday, December 19, 2008

All I Want for Christmas

Well, I have to say, my regular Christmas list is rather short this year. Oh, there are lots of things I want, like a salad spinner and a new coffee grinder, but nothing that I "have to have." Unlike my son, who HAD to have the XBox 360. And he got it, too, from his grandma. Spoiled rotten kid. Makes me wonder if I was so adament about getting my Atari System. Probably - I was pretty addicted to Space Invaders.

Anyway, when it comes to writing, my Christmas list is a bit longer. Some of my wish list items are impossible to receive by THIS Christmas, but getting them by NEXT Christmas would be just fine with me.

1. An Agent. This could happen. My novel is complete and I know it has potential. But there is much work still ahead before I am ready to query agents. Not only do I long to find someone who will find a home for my novel, it sounds pretty cool to say, "I have an agent."

2. Time. Okay, so there's not much I can do about this one. There will never be more hours in the day. But there could be more hours in the day that I'm not wasting. Which brings me to...

3. Butt glue. A few months ago, a writer introduced me to this term and it stuck (pun intended). I love it. Butt glue is actually my #1 wish because without it, I wouldn't be a writer at all.

4. My friend, Ginger, to take up reading. The woman has her Masters in teaching, for Pete's sake. But, for reasons known only to her, and completely incomprehensible to me, she doesn't like to read. (GASP!) Ginger is one of the wisest women I know and I would so value her input on my novel. But...sigh...unfortunately, I can't see this happening, even by NEXT Christmas. But it remains on my wish list, nonetheless.

5. To attend the ACFW Conference. Meeting real, live editors and agents (in lieu of fake, dead ones) would be a dream come true! Not to mention rubbing shoulders with my favorite authors and learning a thing or twenty about the craft of writing. Like the wish for an agent, this could happen, too. Especially if I final in the Genesis contest again. My amazing dad said if I do final, he will pay for me to attend the conference. Is he the bestest or what? Now I just need to make that entry shine. The pressure is on...

6. A week by myself to write. Just thinking about all the work I'd get done with no laundry to do, no phone interruptions, no worries except what my characters are going to do next, makes my heart pitter-patter. A cabin in the woods would be nice (minus the bugs, of course). A hotel on the beach would be even better. But heck, I'd even take an empty storage garage, as long as it has heat and is stocked with lots of coffee and Diet Coke. Not getting my hopes up for this one.

7. A CONTRACT! How can I make a wish list without including a contract? Who knows? With some time to write, butt glue, the ACFW conference, some good friends to edit my work, and an agent, I might just get one!


Yvonne said...

Me, too! Me, too!

(although I think I have too much "butt glue"... I need to make myself get off my "butt" and get some housework done or cook supper or other necessary things.)

I wish for a contract for my novel too...maybe...hopefully...this year!

Kathleen Peacock said...

Just thinking about all the work I'd get done with no laundry to do, no phone interruptions, no worries except what my characters are going to do next, makes my heart pitter-patter.

I actually took one of my vacation weeks last year and just wrote. It was really, really nice.

Orlandrea said...

I soooo wish for number 6 on your list. Oh to have some time and a space to write for a week. I can just imagine what I could accomplish. :-)

Pam Hamer said...

Hi Lynda,
Totally relating to you here. I'm snowed in as well. Not sure If we're going to be able to spend Christmas with our fam, that is if I don't get out and shovel all day! Who wrote "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas", anyway? No could be worse. At least we still have electricity, satellite, food. Must think positive...loved the wish list.

Dara said...

I know I'd like to actually finish the novel. That way I can start the editing and in-depth research process and hopefully by next Christmas, begin querying agents.