Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Contest Corner - Tina Ann Forkner

Authors love to hold contests. Let's face it - it's a great marketing tool. I mean, who doesn't want the chance to win something - anything? In today's economy, free is good.

The main thing authors love to give away is, of course, a copy of their latest book. The second thing authors love to give away is any book. And sometimes, they throw a few other goodies in the prize bag with it. Like CD's, for instance.

Well, I've decided that every now and then (maybe once or twice a month) I'd like to post about an author contest I find that will give you a chance to win cool prizes.

I happened to find a really good one to kick off the Contest Corner addition to my blog.

Author, Tina Ann Forkner, is giving away a copy of her latest novel, Ruby Among Us. But that's not all! Her giveaway also includes some fabulous CD's by wonderful artists like Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant, Point of Grace, and Travis Cottrell. WOW! What a prize package, right?

There are several ways you can earn entries for this contest, the easiest being to simply leave a comment on her blog post. I encourage you to visit TINA'S BLOG for all the details. And please let me know if you win! Good luck!


Tracy said...

Thanks Lynda, for sharing this great opportunity! I'm looking forward to when your book comes out! ;-)

Eddie said...

As one who teaches writing seminars, let me say your article presents a great point for any author. We never stop being the "marketing agent" for our books. And if they aren't purchased, they aren't read.

Have a blessed Christmas!

Eddie Smith

Anonymous said...

Thanks for spreading the word! I just found out that Waterbrook Press is expanding the package! We may have enough for a second place prize. :-)