Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Brain Clutter & Popcorn

So I'm back from vacation and now it's time to play catch-up. Unfortunately, I only have two days this week to do it, as I will be out of commission for the other three. I fill in a day at the consignment store, and my daughter's post-birthday luau is on Friday (shopping and set-up are tomorrow). So I got a little work done on Monday and I'm trying to cram more in today. No fiction for me this week. Boo-hiss.

So here's my problem (other than the work-overload thing I've got going on): I want to go to the movies.

It's no secret that going to the movies is one of my favorite things to do. But I find that when I am feeling overwhelmed and the brain clutter is too much to bear, going to the movies helps! It relaxes me and takes my mind off all my "stuff", even if it's only for two hours. And the popcorn helps, too!

Plus, when I think about it, going to the movies is actually working because watching movies provides me with a boost of creativity. I've gotten some fabulous ideas and mega-inspiration by watching a good story unfold before my eyes. In fact, I wonder if I can write them off at tax time? Hmmm...something to ask my tax guy.

Well, I may have talked myself into going. Of course, we'll see how much work I get done in the next couple hours before making my final decision.

Of course, prayer and digging into God's Word is the best way to handle stress and brain clutter. But is there one thing you find yourself wanting to do when you're feeling overwhelmed? Besides prayer, is there something that helps to take your mind off your problems and refreshes and reengergizes you so you're better able to take care of the work you have to do?

I've confessed my vice - I'd love to hear yours.


Dara said...

Movies are my vice too. And TV shows on DVD (currently, Gilmore Girls and Ugly Betty...).

I don't go to the theater much anymore unless it's a movie that both my husband and I are dying to see (or one that I can convince my MIL or SIL to go and see). It's ridiculously expensive if we don't go to a matinee (over $10) so we always use coupons or go on low price Tuesdays where it's a good four and a half dollars cheaper.

So I am more of a Netflix junkie :P

PatriciaW said...

Movies are so expensive. Won't even tell you what it cost my family of five to see the latest Harry Potter. But like you, when I go, I always relax and get away from all the stuff in my head. In fact, the family teases me how I never really see a movie as I always fall asleep.

Thus, my escape is reading. I'll pick up a book in a heartbeat. As I'm immersed in the book, the stresses fall away and my world is wonderful.

Seema said...

I love movies, but it is difficult to find ones worth paying to watch. TV isn't much better.

I like to escape with a good book. Problem is having the time to complete one. So, I've resorted to magazines and the newspaper, where I can read bits when I can snatch the time.

Diana D said...

Well, I'm assuming you meant a vice other than coffee and chocolate??? Hmmmm, I do love a good movie, or a decent BBC Mystery (Lyndley, Midsomer, Miss Marple, etc.), they get my creative juices going as well. Disney also does that for me and usually has great music to boot.

I also adore gardening for stress release, creativity, escape. Something about getting dirty in a productive way. And sitting back (with a coffee and a hunk of chocolate) to enjoy said garden is a joy as well.