Friday, July 3, 2009

The List Goes On...

I am a huge list maker. Ask my family. They find lists everywhere around the house. Oftentimes, I make lists of my lists, rewriting them several times. Some people (mostly my family) would say I'm obsessed with lists. Daily to-do lists, grocery lists, monthly birthday lists, lists of things coming up that I need to pay for, vacation packing lists, birthday wish lists...the list(s) goes on...

But lists are a good thing, right? For me, they help me organize my thoughts and see at a glance everything I have to do instead of try to keep track of it in my mind. And at 40, my mind just isn't as sharp as it used to be. You know how a knife gets dull after so much use? That's how my mind is. The years of clutter have made my mind-blade dull. And lists help to sharpen it. That, and computer word games.

I have a Franklin planner that I use for my daily lists. LOVE that thing. In fact, misplacing it drives me into a panic. But I still find myself copying lists from my Franklin onto blank sheets of paper. Can't explain it - it just works for me. Hey, normal is way overrated.

Anyway, I thought I would post my monthly goal list here, to give me accountability, and because I'm just in a list-making mood.

Feel free to post your monthly goals in the comments. We can help keep each other on track.


1. Finish (or almost finish) editing Mind over Madi.
2. Submit a batch of greeting cards to Blue Mountain Arts.
3. Write an article for Guideposts.
4. Submit 3 stories to paying markets.
5. Read two books.
6. Enjoy myself at our week-long family vacation at the cottage instead of stressing about work.

Will I accomplish my goals? Stay tuned...

Now I'm off to make a list for the things I need to buy for my daughter's luau party... Then the things I need to pack for the cottage... Then what stories I want to submit this month...then ...


Jan Cline said...

That's pretty brave of you to post your goal list! Sure gives accountability doesn't it? I am a list person too, but my lists are like the socks in my dryer - I keep losing them. Where do they all go?

Pat said...

Oh Lynda, so sorry girlie but, sometimes, I see so much of me in you!

My daughter has grown up with 3x5's and 4x6's enduring all my lists and "notes." You'd think I'd get something done! I cross out what's been done and make new notes adding to that note, crossing out again as things get done and so on. lol Too funny! I have a cork board in my kitchen for all my notes--but really, they are everywhere! lol

You go girl!

Joanne Sher said...

My list (though only of the stuff I wanna do with my book) is on my blog. Posted it yesterday, I do believe! :D

Writing the goals out is a GREAT way to stay accountable.

And do you have two books in mind to read, or is that just a general "read a couple books" kinda goal? Cheering you on - and praying.

Jenness said...

Hey, what's with the "almost finish" Madi thing??? Take that part out and get 'er done, okay? :-) That'll be on MY list for this month--Nag Lynda until she finishes editing her book. :-)