Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Winning Wednesday - Readers Choice

I'm dubbing today Winning Wednesday for two reasons:

1. Personally, my husband and I have won two great prizes within the last week. First, my husband was the correct caller on a local radio station and won (2) 11-day passes to the Muskegon Summer Celebration, a huge annual event with lots of fun stuff, including great bands. performing on stage. Last Friday night, he had the privilege of seeing Loverboy and Joan Jett. Last night, he took my daughter to see Kellie Pickler, and tomorrow night, he'll take my son to see Billy Squire. This coming Friday, he and I will go to see Heart. Can't wait for that! TOLD YOU there are some great bands! Classic bands of the 80's totally rock.

The passes he won are worth around $200. Not bad!

Then, yesterday, I received a certified letter in the mail informing me that I am the grand prize winner of a contest I entered that was sponsored by Crystal Mountain Resort & Spa and Pepsi. I won a 2-night, 3-day ski package for six people to stay in a 3-bedroom condo at Crystal Mountain. Sweet, right? Well, it would be...if any of us happened to ski. Not sure if this 40-ish body could handle all of those wipeouts.

I have emailed the resort to see if there is a possibility I can exchange the ski package for something a little less...extreme. Like Golf. I don't golf either, but I'm willing to learn. My arms might get sore, but at least it's likely I won't end up in a body cast.

So anyway...that's reason #1 I'm dubbing today Winning Wednesday. On to #2...

2. The FaithWriters Best of the Best winners were announced today. If you'd like to find out who won, visit my page. Hey, I earn a whole penny every time someone reads an article on my Examiner site. I'm not above begging for clicks. There are links provided to the top three entries, so you can read them and congratulate the winners.

Anyway, because of all the winning going on this week, I would like to give something to you! Because I want to share the love! Of winning, that is.

What can you win? Well in honor of the FaithWriters Writing Challenge Best of the Best winner (and because the Challenge starts up again tomorrow), you have the opportunity to win a FaithWriters anthology of your choice!

So here's how it's going to work. Check out the following FaithWriters anthologies and leave a comment letting me know which one you'd like to win and why. Don't be shy about the reason you want to win. If it's because you happen to have an entry published in one of them, that's a great reason!

I will randomly select a comment from all the entries and next Wednesday, I will announce the winner.

Here's the list. Have fun!

Abundance of Life (May, 2007)

Hidden in the Hymns (December, 2007)

A Year of Celebration (September, 2005)

Journey of Faith (January, 2006)

In the Beginning (July, 2005)

Come Away with Me (May, 2006)

Eternally Blessed (March, 2005)

Learning for Life (December, 2004)


Diana D said...

Wow, I get to be first! First of all, congrats on your recent win-falls (or is that windfalls, huh?). Love the bands you mentioned, rock on totally! Try the skiing, you might love it.

On to the current contest. Since I have not read any of the listed anthologies, but would love to win them all (and I'm not being greedy, just have grown to love FW), I had a hard time choosing. Hidden in the Hymns sounds like something my hubby would love... but I'm thinking Abundance of Life is probably my most wanted.

youth pastor said...

I feel much the same way as Diana D. I have not read any of the Faithwriter anthologies either, but I have grown to love the Faithwriter ministry and opportunity. I would be pleased with any of the anthologies, and I do long to peruse one, as I will have entries in an anthology at a later date. Thanks.

Seema said...

Lynda, congrats on your wins. Sounds like a lot of fun.

If I had to select one of the FW anthologies, it would be Abundance of Life. This one was published just as I joined FaithWriters. In the time I've been part of the site, I have experienced life more abundantly as I've grown in my writing and relationship with God.

Angie Vik said...

I appreciate all the helpful info you have on your blog. I'd be interested in winning the "Journey of Faith" anthology.

Yvonne Blake said...

I think I'd like "Come Away With Me"... I really don't have a reason, but I know it will be full of great stories!

What book is coming out next? I have a few stories in a couple books, but I think it will be years before I see them.

Congratuations on your winnings!

Pat said...
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Pat said...

I don't know which one I want yet because I have to check out the ones I'm in...but I want to win plain and simple. I feel like winning something since all my friends are winning something and it's my turn. Sis' take turns don't they? ; )

Love you a whole bunches, : )


(I know you love a suck-up)

Dara said...

Congrats on your wins! You seem to always win something :P

Not sure which one I'd like to win--they all sound good! I think I'd like the first one, Learning for Life. :)

Eliza said...

Sorry, Pat. It's really my turn to win something, okay? Well, I guess I did win a 2"x2" notepad at our Naturalist club meeting recently, but believe me...THAT does not count.

So many wonderful books to choose from. I think Hidden in the Hymns is my choice. Thank you so much, Lynda. ...thinking positive...thinking positive

Stephanie C. said...

Congrats on you winning and thanks for spreading the winning to one of us. I have not read one yet, but I guess I should because I should be in one soon. But I would like Abundance of Life if I win. Don't know why, it just sounds cool.