Friday, July 17, 2009

R&R for me AND for you!

Well, tomorrow I'm off on vacation for a whole week! Honestly, I don't even remember the last week-long vacation I took. Now that I think about it, how sad! I'm starting to feel sorry for myself.

But wait! I have a vacation to look forward to!

Even though I'll be resting and relaxing, my laptop won't be far away. I'm not sure if I'll have internet access at all (might have to make a couple trips to the library) but I do hope to get some major writing done. My critique group will have their work cut out for them when I return. :-)

So while I am off getting some R&R, you'll be getting some R&R, too! You'll be getting a RICH REWARD ('s all I could come up with)! Anyway, you're reward is that you won't have to listen to me! What 's that? You love listening to me? Aw...that's sweet.

But seriously, you will be rewarded, because three great friends have agreed to post something for me. Trust me, reading their stuff is a fabulous reward! Here's what to expect next week:

MONDAY - Tracy Ruckman of Pix-n-Pens and Write Integrity Editorial Services will be posting about MAGAZINE WRITING 101. This article will give you all kinds of helpful information on things you need to know to break in to the magazine market.

WEDNESDAY - Julie Arduini, The Surrendered Scribe blog owner, posts an article on a great book by published novelists Susan May Warren and Rachel Hauck. Included is an excerpt from the book.

FRIDAY - My former crit buddy and soon-to-be-published (as in, October) author, Jenness Walker, gives her humorous insight into what it takes to pitch your novel to an editor.

So I'm definitely leaving you in good hands next week! Thanks to these awesome ladies for offering their help and expertise! Be sure to check out their websites- loads of fabulous information there, too!

Well, I'm off to rest and relax.

See you on the 26th!


Seema said...

Enjoy your vacation. Hope you return refreshed and energized.

Pat said...

Lynda, I'd also like to know how to break into the card industry too. Looking forward to these gals! you have a wonderful time R&Ring. ; )