Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Greeting Card Opportunity: Dig Out Those Old Photos and Tap Your Funny Bone

I have a great opportunity to share with you. Believe me, I'm tempted to keep this one to myself because I hope to take advantage of it myself and would rather not have any more competition than necessary. But hey, I love you guys too much and I'd feel guilty if I didn't tell you about it.

A couple weeks ago, I was at my local Hallmark store and saw a rack of greeting cards by Shade Tree Greetings. I started browsing and found myself laughing out loud. Some were cute, and some were downright hilarious. Warning (actually, a disclaimer): some were also not exaclty squeaky clean. Just letting you know up front. Nothing terrible, but these cards definitely can't be considered "Christian."

Anyway, the front of the cards are real pictures submitted by real people like you and me. The ones I looked at were probably from the fifties and sixties and they were so funny! So I turned the card over and saw their website listed, along with a statement that they accept freelance submissions.

Well, yesterday I finally got around to checking out their site. And it looks like a wonderful opportunity to send in either your photos or your humorous verse. You can even submit your verse for several specific photos already posted on their website. They are looking for photographs taken from 1940 - 1975 (my mom and I have some doozies and can't wait to dig through our pile!).
Shade Tree Greetings pays $50 for each photo and each verse they use. One note: they do go through a period of market review, so the process can be lengthy. But who cares? I mean really, how fun would it be to see an old family photo on the front of a national greeting card?

For more information about Shade Tree Greetings, visit their website.

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Good luck! Be sure to come back and let me know if your work is accepted!


Pat said...

Thanks Lynda! I soooo appreciate the sacrifice! I've been thinking about greeting cards lately and have always wanted to try my hand/pen at it. Thanks gurlfren!

Chely said...

What a cool site, Lynda! I also passed this along to a couple family members...Thanks!