Monday, July 13, 2009

Relaxing Vacation? Well...

This Saturday, I'm leaving on a week-long vacation to Big Star Lake, a lake my family visited pretty regularly while I was growing up. This time, it will be even more fun because we're having a huge family reunion, with relatives coming in from California, Texas, and Georgia. All of my cousins, aunts and uncles, who I haven't seen in two years, will be there. We've rented four cottages to accomodate us all. I know we'll have lots of fun and I'm thrilled to be able to allow my kids to experience some of what I did growing up.

So vacations are supposed to be a time for rest and relaxation.


For those of you who camp or spend time at a summer cottage, how do you do it? I'm telling you, preparing for this vacation has been stressful! Especially when we need to take so much more along than if we were simply staying in a hotel or resort somewhere. There's everything from chairs to outdoor games to fishing poles to necessities like toilet paper (leaves just won't cut it!). Not to mention the FOOD. Needless to say, we are borrowing my father-in-law's suburban, as there is no way on God's green earth we'd be able to fit all of our stuff in a Pontiac G6. Um, hello... we will have two pre-teen girls with us, whose make-up cases alone would fill the trunk.

So not only is the preparing part stressful, I'm already dreading the unpacking part. I'm sure it will take at least three days for things to get back to normal (and for me to get all the sand out of every crevasse).

And then there's the work part. Now, I don't have the luxury of being able to "leave my work at home." I don't work a normal 9-5 job. I have regular freelance work that has to get done. If it doesn't, I simply don't get paid, and honestly, I could use the cash. Plus, there would be a ton of EXTRA stress when I got home, trying to catch up on what I missed. And, of course, if I left my email unattended for one whole week, I would come home to a gazillion messages that would take an entire week to go through. So...the laptop comes with me.

But then there's the matter of no internet service in our cottage. So my husband and I will have to make a trip into town a couple/three times during the week so I can work.


So is it? Worth it, I mean.

I'm thinking, yes. My body could use some fresh air. My mind could use a reprieve from everyday to-do lists and demands. And my spirit could use a lift, too. This will come from re-connecting with far-away relatives and also with the Holy Spirit in an atmosphere where I am breathlessly surrounded by the beauty of God's creation.

I also hope to spend some of the no-internet-access time getting back to my first two loves - reading and pure writing. It would be a great bonus if I came home with two or three books read from my to-be-read pile and 10,000 words written in my novel, or that short story entry for the Good Housekeeping contest completed.

Not holding my breath, but you never know...

So what do you think? Are vacations worth the stress that comes with them? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


Dara said...

YES! It only happens once a year and the memories you'll have will far outweigh the stress.

My husband's side of the family does this every year. The grandparents will rent a cottage or two in either Destin, Florida or Gatlinburg. For the food, they do it like this: they don't pack any but purchase all when they get there and everyone chips in $40-$60. Each night of the week, a group will cook (husbands one night, wives another, etc). Then at the end the leftovers, if there are any, are divided up. So it limits the stress of bringing food with you.

I don't know how well that would work with a group much larger than 30, but even just going to a local Wal-Mart or grocery store there will save a little stress of packing.

Seema said...

Lynda, rest and enjoy yourself. Pray you come back refreshed and ready to tackle your projects.

K.M. Weiland said...

I'm still trying to figure out to do relaxing vacations, period. I'm heading out to Tennessee next week to visit friends, and this the first vacation I can remember that I'm unabashedly looking forward too. Most of the time "real life" is too interesting and absorbing for me to fully let it go when traveling. But after pushing myself to the limit for the last few months, I'm ready to cut all technological ties and just relax for a week!

Diana D said...

Oh Lynda... take a deep breath and dive right in. The sand will (eventually) come out, the sun burn will fade and the e-mails will get answered. But what incredible memories for you all! We just got back from camping and I'm telling you - IT's WORTH IT, all the way.

The Surrendered Scribe said...

I just got back from vacation and I stress myself so much packing I'm a lost cause before we even leave! This year my husband made an excel program listing every single thing we'd need. I thought it was geeky, but it really did help me. Although it rained a lot of the time, I still felt relaxed. We still stayed on schedule and had everything we needed---nothing more---nothing less.

I got a fair amount of reading done, not so much writing, but my kids are younger.

I hope this helps and I hope you have a fantastic time!

Karlene said...

Yes, yes, yes! It's sooooo worth it. Those sunsets settle my nerves as God shows off His glory at night. Morning streaming in through the trees, creates an awesome sight--breathtaking!

Everyone has their job. Stephen--gather wood, keep the fire burning with Dad; Jeff--chief cook and coffee maker; Jason and Andrew--explore, make friends, take garbage to the dumpster; Kelly--help with whatever needs to be done; Me--direct traffic, make sure everything is packed for the trip and for going home. Well there's other stuff too, but it all works out.

We pack easy foods: Cereal, bread, peanut butter, jelly, lunch meat, chips, cookies, hamburger, hotdogs, etc. Nothing fancy for dinner. We also plan a night out. There's a great fish place where we camp in Paradise, MI

Tammy said...

Hey Lynda,

Yes! Vacations are soo worth it!!

This year however, we haven't had the finances to go on a long one due to doing some home improvements. ;)

We went on a big family reunion in Branson last year--lots of fun!

And we are planning a vacation next year in Florida! Can't wait for that one!

I hope you have an awesome vacation Lynda. Share photos with us! :D

Sophia said...


It's so worth it. You will come back rejuvenate, focused and raring to go. Putting on this stress on yourself is something you create for yourself. Don't think negatively, but instead focus on what's important...your family and extended family and your well-being.

Be excited and think of all the memories you will come back with.

Just enjoy yourself!

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