Friday, July 10, 2009

The Ultimate Opportunity

I came across a great opportunity and I want to share it with you guys. Recently, I posted information on The Chicken Soup series. But here is another series that you may be interested in submitting to.

Health Communications, Inc.(Or, HCI) has been named by Publishers Weekly as the #1 Self-help publisher and many of their books, including many Chicken Soup for the Soul titles, have gone on to the New York Times best seller list.

The Ultimate series made its debut in November, 2008. The website informs us that: "Each title in the ULTIMATE series features talented writers who express the texture and nuances of everyday life full-color photography that tells a story without wordsthe insight and knowledge of top experts and mentors in specific topics of interest to readers."

For a list of previously published and soon-to-be-published titles, click HERE.

Now for YOUR opportunity. The three books currently under development are The Ultimate Pastor, The Ultimate Runner, and The Ultimate Bird Lover. Suggestions for chapter topics are posted HERE.

They are looking for not only stories, but photographs, as well. So this is an excellent opportunity for both writers and photographers.

The deadline for submitting your work for these three Ultimate books has been extended until August 15. Publication date is scheduled for Spring, 2010.

I know what you're wondering...if my entry is selected, will I get paid? The answer is YES you will!

Here is the pay structure:

$200 per story (500-1500 words)
$200 for expert "must-know" info (750-1800 words)
$50 per "words of advice" (less than 200 words)
$200 per interior full-page (1725 x 2666 px at 300 dpi) photo

You will also receive credit for your work, including a bio, one copy of the book per story or photo, and a generous discount on purchasing additional copies from the publisher.

Quick links:

BASIC GUIDELINES for submitting

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Verna Mitchell said...

I'm not a pastor...I don't run...and I don't watch birds, except for the ones at our feeder, BUT I do appreciate how you take time from your own busy writing schedule to help other writers. You're a jewel embedded in real gold!