Monday, September 14, 2009

Winner of Debroah Vogts novel, Snow Melts in Spring

A little different format this week.

Since I posted about my fears the other day, Dorothy suggested that I list the things I am looking forward to at the conference (my blessings, she called it). This was a great suggestion! Look for that post tomorrow (not a normal blogging day for me) listing all the things this conference will offer and what I am expecting to get out of it.

Wednesday, I'll post the winner of Maureen Lang's book. Then, since I will be gone for a few days, on Friday and Monday I'll repost a couple of blog entries I think you'll enjoy.

BUT... today, we have a book to give away!

THANKS to all of you who left a comment to be entered in the drawing for Deborah Vogts new novel, Snow Melts in Spring. I placed all of the names in my son's baseball cap this morning and my daughter closed her eyes and drew one out. And the winner is...


Congratulations, Sandee! Look for your book to be arriving soon!

A note to those who didn't still have time to enter the giveaway for Maureen Lang's novel, Look to the East. If you haven't left a comment yet, what are you waiting for? The deadline to enter is tomorrow night at midnight. The winner will be announced on Wednesday's blog.

Good luck!

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PatriciaW said...

Love that idea, blessings over fears. Looking forward to that one.