Friday, November 20, 2009

Marketing Schmarketing

My name is Lynda and I'm a people pleaser.

I want people to like me. Nothing wrong with that, right? I mean, don't we all? But my people-pleasing personality does not mesh much with marketing and self-promotion.

I used to be a direct sales consultant for Jafra Cosmetics and Usborne Books at Home. And while I loved the products and the process of ordering, planning the parties, organizing open houses and, of course, making money, the one thing I hated was the promoting. I felt like when people saw me coming, they wanted to run away screaming. I was sure they thought, "Oh, great. Here she comes. She's going to ask me to have a party. She's going to talk about her products. Kill me now."

They probably didn't think those things (and if you did, please don't tell me!) but because I am a people-pleaser, I hate the thought of possibly annoying someone (except my husband and kids. Annoying them is fun).

So I quit my direct sales businesses. I just couldn't make myself send out one more bulk email to my friends or ask another person to host a party or beg for another sale. Couldn't do it.

I went back to what I love. Writing.

But the joke's on me. Because in the writing business, it seems like marketing is what it's all about.

Not that I don't like the act of marketing. I don't mind posting on Twitter and Facebook and message boards about the projects I've got going, the articles I've written, and leaving links for people to click on. In fact, I like the thought of all those potential visitors to my site, future readers of my books, and expanding audience.

But when does it become too much? Do you groan and want to remove people from your friends list when they post link after link about book reviews, interviews, articles, blog posts, etc.?

I don't intend on stopping my marketing efforts. I understand the why of it all. I just don't want to annoy my friends with my constant "business" posts and self-promotion. I want you all to like me instead of rolling your eyes when you see another email or post. But then again, it's many of you who end up clicking on these links (thank you! thank you! thank you!)

So my question to you is what are your feelings about marketing and promotion? Love it? Hate it? Do you get irritated by it all?

Oh - and which marketing sites do you use besides Facebook and Twitter? Maybe I'll see you there...


Teresa Lee Rainey . . . said...

Lynda, you made me smile. :*)

My name is Teresa, and I'm a people pleaser - too.

You definitely do not irritate me. I enjoy reading your posts. I rarely comment, but I often read.

Marketing - I hate the idea of it. I'm not really far enough along to need it, yet. However, I know eventually it will become necessary if I want to do more than entertain myself with my writing.

You, girlfriend, are an inspiration. More than once your comments have encouraged me - like today. Just wanted you to know.


Lynda Lee Schab said...

Aw, Teresa, you rock. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and for letting me know that you like me! Yay! :-)

Jan Cline said...

Just the very work Marketing sends my stomach rolling. I know it's on the horizon for me, and I hope that by the time I get there I will have educated myself enough to calm those nerves.

I think marketing starts in your attitude. I just need to be more comfortable with myself as a writer and then exude that confidence. I think that might be the first step.

I hope my blogs will do something for me too, and research , research, research.

Dara said...

I'm not a fan of marketing at all, but it's a necessary evil with being a writer :P

quietspirit said...

Marketing gives me butterflies in my stomach. I have never liked to have to approach people with something a group I am in is selling.
Is scares me to think of how some of my friends set up book signings and actually sell three of their books.