Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My New Postion and an Opportunity for You

About a month ago, I was contacted by my friend, Tracy Ruckman. She asked if I would be interested in taking over her Christian Writing Examiner position. I didn't need much time to think about it. I was VERY interested. So, a few days ago, I officially became the National Christian Writing Examiner.

I still maintain the Grand Rapids Chsitian Fiction Examiner title, but now I am also able to post articles about Christian writing. Articles that will help you along on your writing journey. I am just beginning to add content, but I'd love to have you pop over and take a look. Consider subscribing to my page, so you don't miss anything. And if you have any ideas for articles you'd like to read, let me know and I'll do my best to post one. also offers a wonderful opportunity for you! Are you passionate about something? Do you have knowledge or expertise that others can benefit from? Consider joining Just a few of the thousands of topics covered are:
  • Family Balance Examiner
  • Single Parent Examiner
  • Frugal Family Examiner
  • Children's Toys Examiner
  • Stay-at-home Moms Examiner
  • Homeschooling Examiner
  • Word Geek Examiner
  • Pet Health Examiner
  • Cats Examiner
  • Christian Worldview Examiner
  • Bible Verse of the Day Examiner
  • Youth Ministry Examiner
  • and thousands more...

For an extensive list of topics covered, visit this page: Browse Examiners by Category. is open to new topics, too, so if you have an idea, let them know. There are Local, as well as National positions available. Find out if your city is included by clicking HERE. If so, you can request a position on almost any topic of interest to local visitors. There is also a Canadian edition available.

All you need to do is fill out an application and you're on your way. Please note: You won't get rich! Well, unless you really know how to market well and develop a huge audience. But this is a wonderful way to build a platform, gain exposure, inform the public on something you're passionate about, regularly write, and earn some extra spending cash.

If you do apply, I'd appreciate it if you could name me as the referral! There's a spot on the application form for you to list my name and I'll receive a bonus (YOU can receive that bonus, too, once you become active and refer others).

Anyway, I'm excited about this new opportunity and wanted to share it with you. Please let me know if you have any questions or if you sign up. I'd love to link to your Examiner page.

If becoming an Examiner is not for you, I hope you'll at least bookmark my page. I hope to provide many helpful articles for Christian writers.