Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Let's Talk about Tweens and Teens

Got girls? More specifically, tweens or teens? Then I have a great resource for you.

Nicole O'Dell is one of my critique buddies. Nicole is my hero, not only because she is a mother of 6 (including 1-year-old TRIPLETS!) but because she is a published author who took the bull by the horns and acquired a multi-book publishing contract - without an agent! Now, I don't think I'd be brave enough to sign a contract without an agent, but I really admire Nicole for it. It's been working wonderfully for her and I'm proud to say I'm her crit buddy.

So anyway, Nicole has this series out for girls. And it's becoming more and more popular and gaining tons of attention. With good reason. First, the series is about real girls making real choices. Yes, the books are fiction. But the characters are faced with tough decisions that Christian girls encounter every day.

Second, the series is interactive. Which means that each story has two endings. The reader can then choose which choice they would make and see the consequences of it played out. There is even a "contract" at the end of each book for the girls to sign.

As I said, the whole concept is so cool!

This series is published by Barbour and so far, there are two books available: Truth or Dare and All that Glitters. The third and fourth books in the series, Magna and Making Waves, will be released in April, 2010.

Nicole has just launched her website ( and blog (which already has 94 followers - Go, Nicole!). Visit her website to learn more about her, as well as the books she's writing. Her blog is titled Girl Talk and offers devotionals, advice, reviews, and giveaways. Here is her current blogging schedule:

Monday: Post to Parents
Tuesday: Girl Talk
Wednesday: Writer's Corner
Thursday: Thoughtful Thursday
Friday: Friday Fun

So if you have tween or teen girls, you'll want to alert them to Nicole's website and blog and, of course, her books!


Nicole O’Dell lives in Illinois with her husband and six children, three of whom are triplets. With a heart for young girls and a special passion for the relationship between mothers and daughters as they approach the teen years, Nicole created the Scenarios: Interactive Fiction for Girls series to help girls develop sound decision making skills. Her writing also includes devotionals and Bible studies for women of all ages.

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Nicole O'Dell said...

Wow, Lynda...what a surprise. Thanks so much for the post here and at Examiner. I really appreciate the support and the shout out.