Friday, December 18, 2009

All I want for Christmas (again)

So I wanted to write a post titled "All I want for Christmas" but I had that deja vu thing going on and figured I had probably blogged about this last year. So I checked back and, sure enough, there it was. You can read it HERE if you're interested. Below, you'll find my basic wish list from last year (minus last year's comments). A couple of these things I received in the past year, and a couple I'm still wishing for. But overall, the list hasn't changed.

1. An Agent. Working on this. In fact, two months ago, I submitted my first manuscript query to several agents. I got a proposal request and, subsequently, a full manuscript request out of it, with another agent still considering my query. I'm good with that. Hey, I won't likely have an agent by Christmas, but am hopeful to acquire one in 2010.

2. Time. Santa is playing games with me. Instead of giving me more time, it seems he took it away because I have less than ever! I'm not getting my hopes up on this one, but time is definitely staying on the list.

3. Butt glue. I did get a bit of butt glue this past year, but the jar is pretty much empty, so I'm wishing for more this year. Maybe Santa will package it up with a bundle of time. That would be cool.

4. My friend, Ginger, to take up reading. Well, I wouldn't say she "took up reading" but I think she may have read a couple books this past year, so it's progress. But I'll keep it on the list. One of these days, Ginger will ask me if I have any good books she can borrow. I just know it.

5. To attend the ACFW Conference. GOT THIS! Yay, Santa! (Actually, yay DAD, as he's the one who paid for me to go). My very first ACFW conference was every bit as awesome as I knew it would be. I plan on attending the conference in 2010, too. The best part is it's closer to home so I don't have to fly. Yippee!

6. A week by myself to write. Still waiting on this one. I'm thinking this one will probably be on my Christmas wish list for many more years. My family just can't live that long without me. At least, that's what I'm telling myself.

7. A CONTRACT! Nope, not yet. But I've taken a few steps that have brought my closer to the possibility. I'm hopeful this will be the last year that Contract is on the list. Not that a new contract every year wouldn't be nice.

8. A Snuggie. This really does have to do with writing. It does! As someone who is always cold and walking around with my microwavable rice thingie around my neck, a Snuggie (The leopard print, to be specific) would be heavenly. I might not wear it to a football game, as the infomercials suggest, but I'd definitely put it on every time I sit down at my computer!

So there you have it. Except for addition #8, my wish list has remained pretty much unchanged.

What's on your wish list this year?


Karen Lange said...

You've got me to make up my own wish list for the new year. Blessings!

Maria I. Morgan said...

A carbon copy with the exception of numbers 3 & 4. A week to do nothing but write sounds like the best gift! Since I'll be an empty-nester this year, I just might get it!(Written with a torn heart!) Number 8 sounds good too, as I'm a cold-natured type, too!God bless!

Rose McCauley said...

I will heartily second or third wishes for #1,2,3,6 and 7. I'm already planning to attend the conf. since I won't have to fly this year either, but I really don't want a snuggie! LOL My hubby keeps a wood stove going in the basement most of the winter so sometimes it gets almost up to 80 in here--too hot to exercise!

quietspirit said...

I asked for a pink snuggie. I think I saw hubby bring in from one of his trips to CVS.
I need to get some Time Management skills.
I have attended an area writing conference for two years now. If I keep my spending in check, I may be able to do that one again.
I would appreciate a span of time alone. But I know better than to suggest it. (LOL)