Monday, January 11, 2010

FaithWriters Conference 2010

Who's looking forward to the FaithWriters conference in August?


Well, I'm looking forward to all of it EXCEPT the part where I'm teaching a workshop. But I'm choosing not to think about that at the moment. What I AM thinking about is helping FaithWriters confirm that the conference is a go. The truth is, even though we have every intention of holding another conference this year, we need to be sure we have enough interest to cover our costs. Because one thing we absolutely cannot do right now is lose money.

So...below, I am copying a message Deb Porter posted on the forums. Please respond ONLY if you are CERTAIN you will be attending. No maybe's, I'm not sure's or possibly's. Only absolutely positively's.

Thanks for your help! I can't wait to see you there!


The 2009 FaithWriters’ Conference was a resounding success in every way -- inspiration, encouragement, great information, new friendships and just plain fun. For the most part, those who attended were eager for us to hold another one in 2010, and many who were unable to attend last year were determined not to miss the next one.

At FaithWriters, we are also very keen to see the conference go ahead; however, due to the ongoing global economic uncertainty, together with FaithWriters’ own financial concerns, we urgently need your input regarding attendance before we proceed any further. This year, it is absolutely vital that the conference cover all its own costs.

For the 2009 conference, FaithWriters made every effort to keep conference costs as low as possible for members. In fact, the price was kept artificially low with FaithWriters, and many of the speakers, covering costs that would have normally been factored into the registration fee.

Those who attended were amazed at the incredible value, particularly given the number of speakers, critiquing opportunities, and the inclusion of breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks. Although the registration cost will still be kept as low as possible for 2010, there will need to be a slight increase in price to cover many of the expenses that were deliberately not factored into the conference fee for 2009. As always, there will be an early bird discount, as well as a discounted rate for those members who support FaithWriters financially.

In order for us to confidently proceed with the 2010 FaithWriters’ Conference, we need a definite minimum of 60 people to attend. That’s where your input is needed.

If you are definitely going to attend the FaithWriters’ Conference at Livonia, Michigan, 13-14 August, 2010, please let us know now by either leaving a message here in this thread (please include your name, not just your board name) or by using the contact form at FaithWriters:

This is to help us gauge support for the event, but please don’t respond if you are at all uncertain. At this stage, we are only looking for responses from those members who are absolutely certain they will register when the forms go online.

We need your response by Friday, 22 January.

Thank you for your assistance with this. The 2009 conference was such a blessing to so many, including those of us at FaithWriters, that we really do want to do it again. However, it would not be wise stewardship to move forward unless we are completely confident that we have the support to make it another success.

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