Friday, January 8, 2010

Whatever Websites for Writers

I thought I'd do something fun today (not that my other posts aren't FUN, mind you) and post several links to some unique websites for writers. Some are helpful, some fun and some just plain wacky. So during that coffee break, click away. Have fun! Need to translate a passage or phrase of your story into another language? No problem! This translation site can do it for you.

Cafe Press. Looking for cool stuff for writers? Cafe Press offers novelties, t-shirts, calendars you can give as gifts or pick up for yourself. I'm thinking of buying the mug that says "Will write for coffee." Because most of the time, it's true!

Noodle Tools. Funny name, cool site! If you have a young writer in your life, point them to Noodle Tools, where there are lots of great links to sites just for them. And many of them pay!

Predators & Editors. Wondering if a writing contest is a scam? Looking to find out whether a potential agent or publisher is on the up-and-up? Look no further than Predators & Editors. This is a fun and informative site that provides news and a hefty dose of facts, trivia, and tidbits. Great for a brain boost when your creativity hits a lull.

The Eighteen Questions. Either answer the questions or learn from the experience of dozens of writers/authors who have taken the 18-Question Quiz.

The Rejector. Why do almost all query letters get rejected? Just ask The Rejector- she (or he?) will tell you. Tough skin required.

Story Starter. Experiencing a bit of writer's block? Just want some fresh ideas to get you going? Try Story Starter. Millions of creative ideas await you. I had to add this one. One of my critique partners, Nicole O'Dell, introduced me to Google Fight last night and it's so cool! Just enter two words or phrases and see how they duke it out online. The one with the most hits, wins. Oh...and I beat Nicole. Not to brag or anything.

Know of any more fun websites for writers? Post them here!

Have a wild and wacky weekend!


Karen Lange said...

Great links, thank you!!
Have a great weekend,

Maria I. Morgan said...

Looking forward to checking out these sites, Lynda! Enjoy your weekend!

Nicole O'Dell said...

LOL @ googlefight. Careful with that one--it's additive!!!

Catrina Bradley... said...

Thanks for a fun Saturday post! (ps I just "google-fought" Jesus vs Satan, and I'm happy to report that Jesus kicked his tail. :-D)

Julie The Surrendered Scribe said...

Awesome information, as always. Now I need to check out Googlefight.

Similar to Cafe Press, Brandilyn Collins mentioned in her blog awhile back I used them for my business cards and I'm hooked.