Friday, March 5, 2010

And my Workshop Topics are...

As you probably know (because I've blogged about it a few times), I am facing my fears and teaching two workshops at the FaithWriters conference this coming August 13th & 14th. thanks to all of you who left suggestions on what topics you'd like to learn more about. Today, I hope you'll indulge me as I post descriptions of each workshop. Maybe you'll even be enticed to come to the conference. I'd love nothing more than to meet you! (even if the thought of more people in my particular class greatly intimidates me). There really are some wonderful workshops to choose from, including one of self-publishing, genres, the nuts & bolts of writing, finding humor in everyday situations, theater & fiction, and blogging basics.

Here are the two workshops I believe God placed on my heart:

Writing isn’t for Wimps -- Finding the Strength to Overcome Obstacles in the Path of Your Passion

You have a passion to write. But passion alone won’t make you successful. There are plenty of challenges you’ll face along your journey. Challenges that may frustrate you and tempt you to give upon your passion altogether. This workshop will cover some of those challenges and show how to overcome them. Challenges like handling harsh critiques, organizing your time, dealing with rejection, and coping with an unsupportive family. Join me and learn how to rise up and kick that writing wimp to the curb, and emerge as the strong and successful writer God intended you to be.

This Little Writer Went to Market -- Where and How to Submit your Work and Possibly Even Get Paid!

So you’re ready to submit your work. But where do you begin? Where can you find the right publications for your articles, poetry, or fiction? Geared toward the beginner, this workshop will provide you with a list of potential markets, as well as some other ways to supplement your income with writing. Half of the class will focus on non-fiction, the other half on fiction. It will teach you not only where to submit your work, but how. It will also cover writing contests and how they can boost your writing career to the next level. By the time you leave, you’ll be equipped with some tips on taking that (sometimes scary) step into the world of writer’s guidelines and manuscript submissions.

So...I look forward to this opportunity to share what I've learned so far in my own writing journey. If you have any suggestions or thoughts on either of these workshops about specific aspects you'd like to hear about, please let me know. Or if you'd like to write the entire lesson for me, I'd be open to that, too.

For complete details on the FaithWriters conference, visit the official conference page at:

Hope to see you in August!


Susan said...

Both workshop topics sound great, Linda. Wish I were closer so I could attend. I'd especially like the one on submitting manuscripts. I've sold many over the years but a refresher course is always helpful. Good for you! Sincerely, Susan from

Andrea said...

Blessings, andrea

Karen Lange said...

Great titles, great workshops! I think these will be so helpful. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Maria I. Morgan said...

These sound like awesome workshops, Lynda! I'll have to check into the FaithWriters Conference! God bless you as you prepare for it!!

BTW - I'm having a book giveaway over @ Life Lessons. Come check it out!